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5 Best Music Player Apps for Android Phones

Music is an important part of every person’s lifestyle for leisure and recreation. The common source for your music playback are TV, radio, internet and oflate mobile phone have come handy for music on go along with mp3 players also provides on the go music playback. The music lovers are everywhere and the love for music is on craze since many years.

Here in this article we have gone through best music gadget around the web. This list contains 5 best music player available for Android phones and tablets as well.

MixZing Media Player

The MixZing is an advanced media player application to be used on your Android phone and tablets. This application automatically displays the lyrics for millions of songs which it can play. Also along with lyrics it provides graphic equalizer for mp3, aac, m4a and OGG files. The MixZing automatically saves the playlists and lets you restore the delete songs.

MixZing Media Player

When you are in for a requirement of media player on your Android phone then MixZing is the name which comes first and its free to use Android application. This application also includes sleeper time, where in you can set certain time at which the application will be auto turned off. Interestingly another feature which I found of late is the lock screen widget to control the music playback while the phone is locked. More features like batch playlist editing, genre and video browsing are also added in the recent development of this app.


  • Display the lyrics of all the songs which you play
  • Creates custom listening sessions
  • Graphical equalizer for mp3, aac, m4a and ogg files
  • Sleeper timer
  • Control music when the phone is locked
  • Batch playlist editing
  • Genre and video browsing

MixZing Media Player Download

The MixZing Media Player Android application can be downloaded from Android Apps Labs for free. Just visit the page and click on Install, it will automatically install application on your mobile phone.


  1. Thanks to my father who shared with me about this weblog, this webpage is actually remarkable.

  2. I have
    been using a Picus Audio Player Trial. It just addicted me so much that i
    bought Unlocker for it… Equalizer is the best among any android based music

  3. Cyanogenmod fan so Apollo!

  4. dude the best mp of all time is doubletwist

  5. Dude where’s power amp?? or player pro?

  6. neutron is still the best MP for me. :)

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