7 Best Weather Apps & Widgets for Android Phones & Tablets

When you are planning for a day outing or vacation for few days then checking out weather on the particular scheduled days as it can damper your planning. The following are the Android applications designed to brings you the complete weather reports and forecasts which can make you forget the old trend of watching news for forecast. So next time when you are heading to a business meet or going for a vacation be sure to check out weather before you schedule your trip.

Android Application # 1 : The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is the long trusted and comprehensive source for weather reports for whole all over the world. This application brings you the detailed forecast on the weather reports by hour. They further on also provide the extra weather safety tips and advices depending upon the present weather. This application now supports Android tablets with beautiful reporting interface and icons.

This application provides fully customized weather maps, animated radar maps, weather conditions and forecasts. Along with that you get alerts on severe weather in your locality and the notification bar shows the current temperature.

Weather Channel Weather Channel Weather Channel

The features of Weather Channel Android application are –

  • Supports Android tablets
  • New weather icons
  • High resolution video for tablets
  • Full customized weather maps
  • Severe weather alerts

The Weather Channel Download

The Weather Channel can be downloaded from Android Apps Labs for free. For installation it, directly visit the Android Apps Labs page and click on ‘Install’ button to process with the installation directly on your mobile handset and supports various devices.

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