Add Cool Filter & Effect to your Photos with Paper Camera

Paper CameraWith Paper Camera app on your mobile phone you see a different world through the new, original and stylish lens. With this app you enter into the world of cartoon your pictures, sketches, comic books and other effects painted directly into your camera. You just need to select the filter at start and have a go. The Paper Camera is an award-winning application also available for iPhone and iPads.

The Paper Camera app is filled with a total of 11 filters to choose from Comic Boom, Acquarello, Old Printer, Sketch up, Neon Cola, Con tours, Bleaching, Half Ton, Gotham Noir, Granny’s Paper and Pastel Perfect. Each of the above is interesting filter with creativity at its best which looks fantastic through your camera lens. Now by simply tap the camera button your effects are ready to roll. Now its obvious support of add to social network and it supports Facebook, Twitter, hi5, etc., with email and text messages too. With 4.3 rating by the Android users it’s widely used apps.

The app is very easy to use and it has paper like design, so it’s named as Paper Camera though it serves a different purpose.  Apart from filter the camera also includes contrast settings, brightness settings and lines settings. The apps gives your direct link to gallery.


  • Real time picture effects
  • Simple layout
  • Easy to understand and use


  • Unable to apply effects to existing images
  • Image resolution is low than the normal camera

The cons might get fixed with the latest development from time to time.

Paper Camera Paper Camera

Paper Camera Downloads

The Paper Camera app is not a free app and it’s priced at Rs 89.84 (near to 2 USD). It can be download from Paper Camera page at Android Apps Labs.

Android Advices Rating – 4.2 / 5

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