Add Digital Zoom with Upscaling Feature to Phone Camera App

A lot many camera applications are present in Android Marketplace and yet each one has distinguished feature. Here comes Camera Magic another Android application created by NoClick Labs. Here is the quick review of this Android application which comes with quick updates very soon by the developers.

With Camera Magic Android application, extends the camera capabilities of your phone. You can easily take lively snapshots and this application will provide you with digital zoom with proper scaling while still preserving the camera quality. You can make use of the volume rockers keys for zoom in and zoom out. The application comes with timer, burst and filter function. During the video the white balance in quite important parameter and this application does have the settings to change white balance too.

The Camera Magic can replace the default Android camera in a better way to provide good image quality and add good amount of functions. One of the highlighting feature of this application is the adding of digital zoom with up scaling using this camera app.

Camera Magic Camera Magic

Camera Magic Download

The Camera Magic Android Application can be downloaded for free at Android Apps Labs a directory for best of the free apps. To install this application automatically, you need to open the browser on your phone and visit the Camera Magic Android Apps Labs page. When you are on to the page, click on Install button and the process of installation would begin. Within no time your application will be installed as its just sized at 391 kb and you will be ready to use.

Android Advices Application Rating – 3.5 / 5

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