How to Add Multiple Gmail Accounts on Android

Gmail is the best email services provider and since there are lots many Google services which do not require registration can be easily accessed by a Google Account. Also Android mobile operating system is powered by Google and so it makes it easy for your mobile to sync and stay updated on your mobile phone too.

It’s possible that you can have many Gmail account as much you want because it’s free. If you have more than one Gmail ID and you are using each of them. Today, on Android Advices we will see on how to use multiple Gmail accounts on Android without impacting other Gmail account. It’s a very easy process.

For this to do you need to have the latest version of Gmail installed on your Android mobile phone. It can be easily done by installing Gmail by visiting Android market from your mobile phone. Then follow the below procedure to go ahead with the adding another Gmail account -

  • Tap on Menu and choose option of ‘Settings’.
  • From the settings go to Account & Sync.Add Gmail Account
  • Here you will see the general settings options and the manage account options. In the manage account options, you will see all the Gmail IDs associated with your phone. Click on Add account button.Add Gmail Account
  • In the next page you will see the option of Corporate, Facebook, Twitter and Google. Select Google from the options. Now click on Next.Add Gmail Account
  • In the next step you will see to set up a Google Account or register for a Google Account.Add Gmail Account
  • As I already have a Google Account which is nothing but my Gmail ID, I will straightaway click on Setup Google Account.
  • Provide your login credentials and login into account.Add Gmail Account
  • Your phone now needs communication with Google Servers to set up your account, let your mobile complete the task.Add Gmail Account
  • And then you have the confirmation. Click on Finish setup when done.Add Gmail Account

There is no problem at all in the procedure and its works perfectly fine for any Android mobile phone. If you have faced any problem then do let us know by dropping a comment here.

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