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Best AirPlay Enabled Apps for Android to Wirelessly Stream Content

Airplay AndroidApple’s AirPlay is one of the famous features of iOS which allows users to wirelessly stream content and media to different devices that you have. The good thing about AirPlay is that all iOS powered devices or the OS X devices are ready with AirPlay out of the box and you don’t need to go through any installation. The better advantage of AirPlay is that it eliminates the need to carry your music to every device.

Apple TV is extremely affordable when compared to other competing services Boxee, WDTV Media Live. Though there are some issues of practicality. You need to be fully integrated into the Apple’s eco system to really make use of the technology to the full potential. So any one of your family members is using non iOS based phone or tablet or PC then he can’t make use of the AirPlay. This is a bad news for the Apple TV owners.

As the Google Play Store has grown to serve highly used Android platform, there are thousands of Android applications available on the Google Play Store designed to take advantage of Apple’s AirPlay technology. We have tested out few applications and below is the list of the top 5 Android applications designed for wirelessly streaming of your content and media.

Android Application # 1 : Android HIFI

Android HIFI is purposely designed Android applications to stream media and content to your Android device directly from the Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, iTunes to the Android powered device that you have. Using the Apple’s bespoke streaming technology one can easily stream what they find useful on your PC’s iTunes library on to their tablet or phone. There is only one requirement is that both of the devices should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

AndroidHIFI Settings  AndroidHIFI

Features of Android HIFI

  • Stream media from Airplay clients like iOS, iTunes
  • Auto mute when there is an incoming call
  • Auto volume lowering if there is an SMS or headset unplugged
  • Runs in the background as service

Android HIFI is a newly launched Android application available for free download at Google Play Store for Free.

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