All about Lollipop 5.1, with Device Protection, HD Voice, Dual Sim Support & more – Details

Android 5.1 is here and Google has finally published the detailed highlight features of this new update. Apart from the Top 10 things which are changed in Android 5.1, which we have earlier checked out. Google has mentioned about new additional functionalities like support for multiple SIM cards, Device Protection and high definition (HD) voice on compatible phones. With most of the devices coming with the dual sim card slots, it was long due for Google to add the support for multiple sim cards in the latest 5.1 update. Native support for dual sim card slots is a great achievement for the vendors who are planning to introduce dual sim smartphones on 5.1 OS. Let’s check out in detail on what are the individual features are all about.

Android 5.1

Device Protection:
With apps like update, “Android Device Manager”, Google is looking forward to further strengthen the overall security in the Android devices and with 5.1 OS Google is trying to address this concern. With device protection, your stolen or the lost device will be in the locked state even if someone resets the device to the factory settings. This feature to start off will be available in Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 and then this will be expanded to other Nexus and Motorola devices. Not sure if this feature will be adopted by other device manufacturers as most of the manufacturers have their own security suite of apps.

High Definition (HD) Voice Calling:
HD Voice calling is now a reality, all thanks to the operators like T-Mobile or Verizon which will be implementing the HD Voice call quality. Typically, the vice quality is of 16Kbps, but now with HD voice quality the speech will be crystal clear and also the overall loudness too will be increased. Initially this feature will only be available for Nexus 6 and HD Voice calling will only be there in US. Not sure if this facility will be extended to other devices too.

Quick Settings:
Android 5.1 now provides the capability for users the ability to join the WiFi networks and control the paired Bluetooth device directly from the quick settings.

Nexus 6

This new update of Android 5.1 will be rolled out very soon. This new build comes with the build number as LMY47D. Unfortunately, Android 5.1 will not be bringing all the capabilities to all the devices and regions. Exact change log of the updates will be different for different devices. We will be updating you with the guides which will help you update the device.

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