Amazon Announces Five Echo Devices Including Fire TV

Earlier this year, Amazon hardware lineup gets refreshed with a new Echo Show and unveiled few device. And now, Amazon has unveiled a bunch of devices including the 4K Fire TV with 4K HDR support at an event held at its headquarters in Seattle. They are called as Amazon Echo 2nd Gen, Echo Plus, Echo Spot, Echo Connect and Echo Buttons. Also, the company has announced the partnership with BMW for producing the BMW cars with the Amazon’s Alexa support.

Amazon Echo 2nd Gen:
It is the successor of the Amazon Echo which was presented in 2014. The first generation Amazon Echo is the first mainstream smart speakers. Then it has unveiled the Amazon Tap and Echo Dot. While the Amazon Dot already has a second generation model which was launched a year ago. Now, Amazon Echo has released the 2nd generation smart speakers and is priced at $100, which would start shipping in November.

The new Amazon Echo has 7 microphones which can take the audio from the room with a 360-degree sound, but the top is different. It has added the Volume buttons in addition to and Action buttons. The second generation Amazon Echo is the small device when compared to first generation Amazon Echo device. It comes with a 148mm of height which has wider length with a diameter of 88mm. It has changed a lot regarding look and comes with a six new styles named as Heather Gray Fabric, Charcoal Fabric, Sandstone Fabric, Oak Finish, Walnut Finish and Silver Finish.

Amazon Echo Plus
It is priced at just $149.99 which will be available in Black, White and Silver color options and will start shipping from next month onwards. Also, buyers would get a free Phillips Hue bulb. The Amazon Echo Plus is similar to the first generation of Amazon Echo, and additionally, it has built with a ZigBee smart hub which can control your home. It would be the perfect choice for who haven’t bought a smart hub.

Fire TV (4K):
It has been leaked in online from two weeks onwards, and now it has officially announced. The chromecast-like device will provide the content at a speed of 60fps and is priced at $69.99 which would be available from October 25 onwards. It also provides Dolby Audio system and HDR support. You can also pair the remote with the TV which has voice control for Alexa. It comes packed with a 1.5GhZ Amlogic quad-core processor coupled with 2GB RAM and 8GB of internal storage.

Amazon Echo Spot:
It is priced at $129.99 which will start the shipping from the December month onwards. It is the combination of the Echo Show and Echo Dot. You can get a circular screen with a compact design. It comes with 2W speakers which you can connect through a 3.5mm audio jack. The Amazon Echo Spot will be available in Black and White color options.

Amazon Echo Connect:
It is priced at $34.99, which would also be available from December month onwards. It comes in a black rectangular box for making voice calls, and Amazon already added features to its echo speakers. If you want to connect your home service? Those people should buy this product. After buying this product, you have to sync your contacts to Alexa app. Then you can call your compatible Echo devices from your home line service.

Amazon Echo Buttons:
These buttons are the first Alexa gadgets to interact with physically, and it is fun to use Alexa app. The other Alexa gadgets would be unveiled which would perform the function like send the input to your device, buttons, sync and also you can react to notifications. These buttons are very useful like a quiz shows when you play the Alexa trivia game and is priced at $20.

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