Amazon Game Controller for Android-based Gaming Consoles Appear – Details

For months we have been hearing rumors that Amazon is working on their own home console running on Android. Now this Amazon’s gaming console has surfaced and was spotted by Dace Zats with Amazon branding at Brazilian certification website that is similar to the FCC that regulates all the products sold in the country.

Amazon controller 1

From the image we can see that, Amazon’s wireless Bluetooth controller has the standard control options like A,B,X, and Y buttons, shoulder and trigger pads, as well as media playback buttons. We can also see that Android-style icons for ‘Home,’ ‘Menu,’ and ‘Back,” and a central button that will presumably connect you to Amazon’s GameCircle service. Next to the analog stick there is a row of LED buttons that might be for indicating the battery or player numbers. From the image we can say this controller is pretty easy to hold and operate. We can also see the Amazon branding on the front side of the controller above the Android styled buttons.

Amazon controller 2

The bottom of the controller includes fast-forward, rewind and play/pause buttons that could be for controlling the multimedia playback. The back side of the controller seems to have a removable battery pack, like what we can find in the Xbox 360 controller. This device is believed to run on a modified version of Android. According to a report from last month, Amazon will launch this rumored set-top box in March, and possibly for under $300. It will reportedly compete directly with Apple TV and Roku products, in that we will be able to easily access video content through our TV’s.

Amazon controller 3

The gaming controller might come with the rumored Amazon’s console and might also be sold separately to work with Amazon’s Kindle fire tablets or any other Android Smart phones. Let us wait and see what Amazon has in stocks for this controller. Stay tuned for more information and updates.


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