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Amazon Kindle Fire Vs Galaxy Note SmartPhone Tablet Comparison

Samsung just before IFA Berlin event on September 2011 said that something big is coming and something big is ‘Samsung Galaxy Note’. It’s a revolutionary device which will take the mobile phone generation to the next level. It comes the smartphone functionalities while preserving a tablet’s expansive viewing experience.

samsung galaxy note vs Amazon Kindle FireWith Galaxy Note on your hands you no longer would be required to carry a mobile phone, tablet PC or digital camera instead you will carry one device. It has the feature of S-pen which provides precise, fast writing and drawing capabilities. Samsung believes and we also believe it would be eccentric device.

On the other side Amazon Kindle Fire is all famous because it’s a tablet with not high end specifications but the price tag of $ 199 makes it much talked device. It’s not that there doesn’t exist any tablet in that price range but Amazon has the right marketing available for them apart from being a popular brand.

Here we compare Amazon Kindle Fire with Samsung Galaxy Note with the specifications and features that we got it from the resources.


Amazon Kindle Fire – Dual core OMAP 4430
Samsung Galaxy Note – 1.4 GHz dual core Exynos chip

Processor is correlated with the price tag attached with it. Everyone knows that Amazon Kindle Fire is available at $ 199 which makes a big deal and it would be unfair to expect high end specifications as such. Definitely the Samsung Galaxy Note with 1.4 Ghz dual core processor is faster responsive in both computing performance and graphical performance as it’s a high-end tech gadget with powerful hardware.

Operating System

Amazon Kindle Fire – Google Android 2.3 Gingerbread
Samsung Galaxy Note – Android 2.3 Gingerbread

Both Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy Note runs on Google powered Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system. The firmware can be updated anytime in future whenever it’s available for download.

Display Screen

Amazon Kindle Fire – 7 inches IPS display screen with Gorilla Glass
Samsung Galaxy Note – 5.3 inches WXGA HD Super AMOLED Plus display with Gorilla Glass

The Amazon Kindle Fire has 7 inches IPS display screen which can’t match the Samsung Super AMOLED display screen with 5.3 inches. Amazon Kindle Fire is 7 inches tablet mostly sold a tablet alternative of their eBook reader but Samsung Galaxy Note doesn’t come either in tablets or in mobile phone category and it’s intermediate of both.


Samsung Galaxy Note – 8 mega pixel camera on rear side and front camera of 2 mega pixel
Amazon Kindle Fire – No camera

Everyone knows that Kindle Fire is budget tablet and they would be happy to accept that fact that it doesn’t include any camera. Whereas when you buy Galaxy Note you probably would expect camera included. Yes it has an extra ordinary 8 mega pixel camera on the rear side and includes 2 mega pixel camera on the front for video chat.


The Galaxy Note being a 5.4 inches device can be easily fit into pocket whereas Kindle Fire with 7 inches is a bitter harder to fit in your pocket. Both the devices are made up of plastic but comparatively Galaxy Note is half as heavy weighting just over 170 grams.


The Amazon Kindle Fire includes 8 GB of internal data storage whereas the Galaxy Note includes 16 GB of internal memory along with microSD card slot to expand the memory.


Amazon Kindle is for only internet browsing and so it can only connect using Wi-Fi. No other connectivity option is possible with it. The Galaxy Note includes the options of connectivity using the 3G and Wi-Fi. It also includes 4G LTE, HSPA+ connectivity with a top speed of 21 Mbps.


Samsung Galaxy Note has 2500 mAh Lithium ion based battery to power up the operations whereas Amazon Kindle Fire has undisclosed battery specifications.


We know that Amazon Kindle Fire is available at $ 199 and that a big deal. Probably that is the main reason it’s much talked and on the other side Galaxy Note is on talk because of its brand name as Samsung and it’s like intermediate of tablet and phone. Galaxy Note is something by which Samsung is very excited about and it would be launched in January 2012 and so we have no pricing info on it.

Other Comparison

With Galaxy Note you get access to browse over to all the 0.6 million apps present on Android Market. On the otherside on Kindle Fire you only get few thousands of apps which are of high quality and handpicked by Amazon and you can’t really install all the apps.

Final Verdict

The Kindle Fire was first rumored to be a reader but it turned out to be a tablet which allows other types of media. The Kindle Fire is a nice choice particularly if you consider its price. Expected that Galaxy Note would cost probably more than $ 600 for the unlocked device and it’s still not yet available.

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