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Android 2.3.6 GRK39F Manual Update for Nexus One Available

nexus oneAll those who have Nexus One in hands can now update your phones to Android 2.3.6 GRK39F version. This update is an Official release through Google and anyone who have Nexus One running with Android 2.3.4 GRJ22 OS can update to this version. The updation procedure will work only for the Nexus One users and we request other users not to try this on their phones.

The primary instruction for Nexus One users is your phone should have Android 2.3.4 GRJ22 OS version, only then follow the procedure of this manual update. If your phone is not updated with Android 2.3.4 GRJ22 then get the updated procedure from here.

Steps for updating Nexus One with Android 2.3.6 GRK39F:

    • Initially, download the Nexus one GRK39F file and save it to your PC (or Laptop) desktop. Now rename the file to ‘update.zip’.
    • Now connect your Nexus One with PC (or Laptop) using USB cable and copy this update.zip file to the SD Card of your phone.
    • Now reboot your phone and in the booting process just press power button and volume down button simultaneously.
    • You will see ‘Bootloader’ option now, so go on and select Bootloader. After selecting Bootloader, select ‘Recovery’ option.
    • After selecting recovery option your phone will be rebooting and you can view green triangle. So, now press power button and Volume UP button for few times until you see the recovery screen.

nexus one

  • Now select ‘Apply sdcard:update.zip’ and the device starts the process of updation. After completing the updation process, reboot the device.

That’s it; your Nexus One has successfully updated with Android 2.3.6 GRK39F.


  1. Hey, it says the same with me!?
    how can you root the Android 2.3.4 GRJ22 version??????

    pls help..

  2. hi
    i followed the steps but at the end i got this error :
    E:failed to verify whole-file signature
    E:signature verification failed
    installation aborted.

    plz help me,thanks

  3. Hi Pradeep,

    First off, let me say that I enjoyed your blog here. It helped me heaps. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a contact us link so I don’t know how to get in contact with you other then through one of these comment posts.

    Anyway, the point is thank you for your writing. But I do have some suggestions, how about including the date of a blog post so that users can easily find out about the age of the post; and may be some RSS feeds so that users can again subscribe to your site for regular updates.

    Oh! and maybe a contact us link would make it easier to contact you as well.

    Once again thanks for your writing.

    • Charles thanks for the comments you have raised here which iam going to clarify for you.

      First of all we were testing some new design changes because of which the date and category link were missing but are now available at the end of the page for every article. Next regarding RSS feed we already have our email subscription box but you are right we are missing one important location to add the same which is below the article which we would do it.

      Regarding contact form, we are not going to do that because we are already getting around 25-40 emails every day from users who find our contact details and contact for their phone problems, which is why our comments section is more relevant and easy for us to handle. Still if someone has a issue they are suggested to visit our website http://androidanswers.com/ and post their questions their.

      Thanks for the comment, because of which we are going to fix few of our missing areas and make the site more complete for the readers.

      Amit Bhawani

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