Android Advices Gets a New Design 3.0 – Send us your Feedback

A New Custom Blog Design generally takes a huge amount of time and this is what have had happened in our case. We started off with discussions with a team from November 2011 and finally after around 7 months we are now Live with our new unique design for Android Advices. We are growing every month and our small team ensures that we cover as much useful content possible and also help all our readers in their issues.

This new design is mainly focused towards easy access to the best content with a custom built navigation system which can help you in easily finding your phone model. We have also revamped our search result pages and tried to show you the most related information based on the search queries and ensure that you find the right article in the shortest time.

Android Advices Design 3.0

We are always open to feedback and our team tries to respond to every single comment if there is a question in the same. On an average we receive 150-200 comments every single day hence its hard to handle the same which is why we have enabled disqus commenting system which will handle the Spam Comments and also offer you with option to login through different services.

The top logos would be rotating and give you a new look every time you refresh the page. Also we have come up with a option to Tip us whenever you would like to share some exclusive information with us. We are also opening our Contributors Section for everyone, through which you can signup initially as a contributor and cover app reviews and news, following which based on your performance, you would get some awesome perks.

Let us know with your feedback on our New Design which would soon be implemented on the Mobile Version and also on our Upcoming Android Application.

Version 2.0 – March 30, 2012 – Update Below

If you have already visited the web format of this blog, then you would have experienced a new design here after quite some time and this was mainly implemented because our previous version was looking like a Black & White blog. Now the blog has a more colorful and useful navigational structure which can help you in finding your favorite content easily.

We have implemented a responsive design here which means that the width of this blog theme would automatically resize based on the device you are using. In case of your desktop it would be showing you the full view mode while if you use a tablet like a Galaxy Tab, Kindle or any other device then the view would be different.

Android Advices Theme 2.0

For users who love to read this blog through mobile, we have implemented a lighter version which is great for mobile browsing using minimal resources and saving your bandwidth and time.

We are waiting for your feedback on this new design and looking for suggestions / bugs in case you find any. Don’t forget to share this story with your friends who can also send in their feedback.

  • Mohammed Osman

    Wow…I like the 3.0 version of your website….

  • Votinhtuyetthien

    it looks nice and clear

  • Vivek Singla


  • Raj

    Itz nice Design…………………..

  • Amalinasuhaili

    so nice ..

  • Brunnie

    This a great sit for information & I am very glad
    that you have implemented it so proudly. Thanks great job.

  • Orlandocatequista

    nothing to say…i am so speechless as it is so cool.

  • Yasir_akram36

    The site is quiet impressive its not that much heavy any body with low internet speed can easily access to this site quiet impressive i personaly like it very much and i m really big fan of andriod phones i have htc desire.thanks

  • Vhinz


  • Dhawal D

    Best part is the Logo changing feature!! Love it

  • Kaushalkumar Shah

    I was showing my in samsung customercare
    because having software corrupt so i will ask you tell me suggestion

  • Columbus Chris Daniel

    Keep it up, Loves it!

  • Massa

    Wow! this is cool improvement!

  • Ismail2_anwari

    it’s very charming  favorite product 

  • Crp_cass

    nice and very impressive

  • Petarm85

    thats good now the site is more easy, simple. I liked more then old one

  • Nadarojan

    Its very nice and thank you very much

  • RegentnsIndia

    In android phone’s call recording apps not working properly. I was tried 50 more call recording apps from Google play market. Kindly send a perfect call recording apps for android phone. My mobile model no. I5801i (Samsung galaxy 3). My mail id is

  • Andrew

    this is the first time I was aware of this site… great site!

  • Shdndm025


  • Rebel

    is amazing. very good. All questions answered. Respect and honor to you all

  • guest

    great the website is looking fantastic

  • Ludwig Kommer

    Looks cool & more atractive

  • Enisey2001

    The new site is getting one of my  favourite on the web…..

  • Fonf

    Hi, well I think the new design looks and feel better than the old one, I like the column on the right, so I can see more information and only see the details of those that are of my interest, good job

  • Amit Bhawani

    Thanks for the feedback alvin!

  • mahmudk69

    Congratulations! The modifications and new look of the site are convenient and comfortable especially the grayish background and black letters give us tireless reading. The lighter version of the blog for mobile users will definitely be useful and welcomed by many. The drop-down or expandable ‘buttons’ bearing the device make placed top are also convenient for the visitors to choose the topics relevant to their gadgets. But the letters inside there can be made a little darker or bolder in order for avoiding a possible confusion between Galaxy 5 and Galaxy S and so on.

    • Amit Bhawani

      Thanks for the feedback, will make a note of the same and make a few more changes.

  • Dean

    I for one really like the new site. Looks cools and slick.
    Well done.

  • Sacha Obado

    amazing design and i am liking it..

  • Nimit


  • Divyesh Panchal

    Use white color in content Area,,,easiest to read everything as well as it will be look more better..

  • Divyesh Panchal

    It seems
    like Android Central … But I like it…I would suggest you to don’t change this one…looks superb…

  • Pavan Somu

    The new design is pretty good and elegant. The rotating logos is a nice part of it. But I am so sad that you haven’t added the caption “Best advices for your Android devices” for which I was gifted a T-shirt too.

    • Amit Bhawani

      Yep it would be added once the designers work is completely implemented.

  • tunir kejriwal

    very nice ,, i liked the new interface

  • shakti

    Looks atractive. Good job. This looks a lot more appealing.

  • Raja Ganesh



    keep going
    the glory is oursss

  • Ang Ah Sin

    Fantastic design. Love it ! Keep it up ! Thanks for this informative and beautiful site.

  • Alvin Tiew

    Alvin from Malaysia. I like your new interface. Looks great!! Keep up your effort to make this webpage a excellent place to browse for android information. Good work, I must say that.

  • Ibn Shajahan

    looks nice

  • Ankit Pandey

    I like everything, its much better than previous all designs except few things, the font size & may be even font of sidebar recent posts widget, don’t you think site will look better with white… Just my 2 cents :)

    • Amit Bhawani

      Exactly thats what i was suggesting, but the designers were more focused on looks, lets try out a split test for a few days and see whats better.

  • Ramandeep Singh

    @amitbhawani:disqus When Version 2.0 was launched, i was first one to comment. Today i am bit late to comment here, though already given you feedback before this design was about to go live. Honestly this design is far better and looking best. With colorful design and stylish looks, it’s totally awesome :)

  • Gorazd Hiti

    not bad all the phones are listed

  • Fairius Taib

    congrats.. keep it your good work.. you get more improve and its get more friendly with the new look..

  • Hairunizam Mohamed Salleh

    This design is better compare to previous design not to forget all the android images all around the pages

  • Suryagopan Jayadevan

    Really great design.. keep up dear friends!!

  • Ekendra

    Looks very fresh, and hope the loading time is less.

  • androidage

    I like this new layout, it looks professionally now.

  • Anders Frihagen

    I like the new design! Especially the dates of the entries are a long awaited feature!
    Thanks for a faboulous website!

  • Adrian Yanez

    I like this design. Ver fresh and easy to navigate. 
    PS. I LOVE LOVE YOUR REVIEWS. I think they are by far the best. Thanks. So glad I found you guys. 

  • Adrian Yanez

    I like this design. Ver fresh and easy to navigate. 
    PS. I LOVE LOVE YOUR REVIEWS. I think they are by far the best. Thanks. So glad I found you guys. 

  • Adrian Yanez

    I like this design. Ver fresh and easy to navigate. 
    PS. I LOVE LOVE YOUR REVIEWS. I think they are by far the best. Thanks. So glad I found you guys. 

  • subhakar

    Hi Amit

    Good to hear about your new website…. and its really good.
    I always appreciate your dedication and smart work towards Blogging.
    Well last time i met you was in Bloggers meet Hyderabad in 2009.
    KEEP IT UP :-)

  • Rita Singh

    Really Awesome Design

  • Himanshu

    Better than all designs with better readability.
    Thats gud..

  • S.Mahdi

    It’s beautiful but i hate it because of bug in pages printing.
    try it yourself

    • Amit Bhawani

      Will check that out, thanks for the feedback.

  • George Estrada

    Hey …u done a great work….its really informative….

  • Jessica Duenwald

    I like this blog so much, saved to bookmarks .

  • Pardeep

    Amit Bhawani sir tell me name of the theme how u make these i am working in genesis

    • Amit Bhawani

      You can find them on themify

      • Pardeep

        its cheating u edit my comment Amit Bhawani

        • Amit Bhawani

          We don’t allow any links in comments here.

  • Rohit Shukla

    this design is good as compare that previous one. You should look to other sites like there design is little different and they used green color something similar to android logo’s color. I think rohit wants to convey this message to you.

    • Amit Bhawani

      Our Custom Design is in development from past 3 months and it should be live in a month or so, meanwhile this is a fresh look so users can find useful content easily.

  • jeyaganesh

    The theme is good looking.Yet the black menu is not resizing properly.Instead it expands to second line.

    • Amit Bhawani

      Yep it happens once in a while, we will figure out something for that.

  • michel

    New look is too good. You have also give new look to

  • jonnyj

    Looks great Nice and easy to navigate and just really attractive. great job thanks for all your hard work.

  • Chiranjeev

    The new design is pretty well and responsive than previous.

  • Flaviu

    The new design looks pretty good. The slide down menu should be present for all the phone manufacturers. The footer widgets are updated automatically or you put the phone models in the list? For example is pretty inconvenient if I want to see only the article for Motorola Atrix.

    • Amit Bhawani

      Hey, we will work on the slide drop down for all the manufacturers. The Footer widgets are manually listed because its not possible to randomly show any models there.

  • Jai

    Looks really good, seems to be responsive too.. nice work…

  • KennethThomas

    Design is good and appreciate for that ….

  • Rohit

    Although I was initially disappointed with the change in the format and color scheme (from funky android green to apple B&W), the new condensed look is indeed a step in the right direction… would love to see a flicker window at the top(donno what its called, but the one with the 5 most popular news items flashing)

    • Amit Bhawani

      Any demo of what you are referring to rohit? Probably somewhere else where we could see it implemented.

  • Prithvi

    I dint see the previous design, but its nice for sure. I had a bit of problem with the loading as my net is slow and it took a bit too long to load. Rest is fine.. Neat and clean. :)

  • Meraj

    Better than before. More attractive n more informative. Like it a lot now. Keep the cool work going. All the best wishes for the days to come.

  • fredricmkrussell

    Beautiful. I love the new look.

  • Pratik

    The design looks neat. Good to see such a light theme with focus on content.
    The logo needs to be placed properly…

  • Farhan

    Love to see this new design. Really attractive compared to the previous one :)

  • mahipal

    mice and simple theme…….

  • Sai Kumar

    Nice Theme sir. Looking Clean and Neat :)

  • Thiyag

    Simple no-frills outlay… what i like most is the pleasing font… good font selection. Reviews section may be highlighted and clubbed with comparisons.. Good Luck

  • Prince

    Nice Theme Sir……BUt i think it looks like that Amit Agrawal also using similar theme…BUt any way this new look is better than the old one

  • Sacha

    Great Design and much more cleaner interface but improve on the categories.

  • CPSingh

    Good design and easier for user to use.
    Clean interface.

  • Aditya Chintha

    Yes its good now than the old one! :)

  • Shubham Gupta

    Hi Amit, amazing design. I loved the theme and is much better than your previous design. Also, the responsive web design is really cool.

  • Sandeep Yadav

    This is better than earlier version and quite clean and reader-friendly.
    I had subscribed for email alerts but from last few days I am not getting any update mail. If I am again trying to subscribe, it says “You already subscribed” (at feedburner page).
    Kindly help.
    All the Best. :)

    • Amit Bhawani

      It shows your subscription is active but i have removed it. You can re-sign up for the same now.

  • umang plus

    Hello amit,

    The homepage design is clean and easy to navigate, btw sidebar needs some improvement. overall good.

    Now come to the logo,
    Remove the blue background and make the text color to blue, try some modern 2.0 fonts, also increase the font size lil bit.

    Recently i came to know that the logo was done on 99designs, (as i am designer and works there sometime).

    as $200 is minimum prize amount on 99designs for a logo ( but it costs you $295), logo is good, i was unaware that you have launched contest on 99designs, i could have participated.

    • Amit Bhawani

      Cannot make much changes to the logo because i believe in simplicity and also its hard to make changes to the logo which is why opted for a contest on 99designs and yes i did pay $295 for the current one.

      What improvements are you referring to for the sidebar?

  • Brij

    The theme is not applied properly. You have to take decision for following things:

    1. min and max width of sidebar(must be resizable on different resolutions).
    2. will you use Leaderboard ads for tablets and mobile?
    3. If you hide Leaderboard for small devices only, It would be against Adsense policy.


    1. Sidebar overlaps on different resolutions.
    2. Images are not resized properly.
    3. Header leaderboard looks too odd.

    Please check your site on iPad(landscape and portrait) or other tablets.

    You can take idea from

    • Amit Bhawani

      Will fix those issues and make sure its perfect in most resolutions.

      • Brij

        Nice Looks now…Still there are 2 things:
        1. Your page size too heavy (> 1.5 MB) which is not good for indian users due to slow internet connection.
        2. I like your social slider and implemented a lightweight version of it ( But It’s not allowed over Google ads for normal user as mentions in policies. Is it allowed for premium user?

        • Amit Bhawani

          Will work out on the page size in the upcoming design thanks for the alert and regarding the social slider it does not completely come over it and also the Google Team checks our blog almost every other day and lets us know if there is a issue with the same.

  • Mahmud Koya

    Very convenient and comfortable, Congrats!
    Pls take a little more pain to answer the queries of the visitors without much delay especially when they are in trouble with their devices.
    Thanks & best wishes,
    Mahmud K

  • Sanam

    That’s what I am waiting for. Now Android Advices look perfect with this cool new theme. Many wishes to Android Advices. :)

  • Daman deshmukh

    Is this a custom made theme or you have purchased it.I am looking to implement responsive theme on my blog and this one looks awesome

    • Amit Bhawani

      This is a ready made theme with some custom codes implemented.

  • Anil Sardiwal

    Amit Bhawani and Amit agarwal use same wp theme :P hehe.
    Nice theme btw :)

    • Amit Bhawani

      Its same framework not same theme.

  • valkryie85

    it looks great. love the changes made to the fonts.

  • ketu

    nice look thank you for hard work

  • sim

    Well the site really needed a change and it is here. Now looks much better.



  • Jaikee Jaiswal

    Hi the new design is Cool.
    It looks like you are using the same theme on Labnol.

    I think its Themify elemin which is a awesome theme for wordpress.
    I liked the new design very much. Also I would love to have some cool looking widgets on right sidebar..

    • Amit Bhawani

      Its the same framework but not the same theme. Meanwhile yes we will work on the sidebar.

      • Jaikee Jaiswal

        Hi Thanks for the update, have you left Genesis and switched to the themify framework. Is there any advantage over Genesis

        • Amit Bhawani

          Both the frameworks are great, no differences except the great support at genesis community.

  • Geetansh Gupta

    much better… i liked it

  • S Thiruvengadam

    It is better than the earlier one. You can allocate some more space for navigation. I am novice but it is my suggestion. Thanks.

  • Pavan Somu

    This theme is so nice that it is auto-optimizing as per the screen resolution. One if the thing I observe other than category navigation is the footer have much space.

  • Mohd

    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for the new look. It is much livelier and fresh. To me the colour combination is good too.

    Well done guys.

  • Sagar

    Looking better than the previous design, I guess the theme can look a lot better if the background color is changed.

  • Divyesh

    I would like to say it’s Perfect look for a Tech Blog.

    1 More thing Realized – You need increase the size of Categories sections.

    • Amit Bhawani

      We will work on that.

  • ido

    Love the new look, easy on the eyes and makes all the information very accessible.


  • Aneesh

    The new design looks good! All the best for it!

  • Abhijeet

    Beautiful….. Valueable Content. Very Helpful. Eveything Is Great..

  • aatif

    Design is good but sir i think you must think something about LOGO . Is this winner of that contest ? Not looking good to me . And yes this theme is better than old one in my opinion .

    • Amit Bhawani

      Hey, yes this logo was selected under the $300 contest at 99designs which is why we are using it. Its actually simple and easy to remember.

  • Ramandeep Singh

    Wow.. Looks Good now. Better than all designs with better readability. Best Wishes to Android Advices Team from us :)

    • Amit Bhawani

      Thanks for the feedback.