Android Advices Gets a New Design 3.0 – Send us your Feedback

A New Custom Blog Design generally takes a huge amount of time and this is what have had happened in our case. We started off with discussions with a team from November 2011 and finally after around 7 months we are now Live with our new unique design for Android Advices. We are growing every month and our small team ensures that we cover as much useful content possible and also help all our readers in their issues.

This new design is mainly focused towards easy access to the best content with a custom built navigation system which can help you in easily finding your phone model. We have also revamped our search result pages and tried to show you the most related information based on the search queries and ensure that you find the right article in the shortest time.

Android Advices Design 3.0

We are always open to feedback and our team tries to respond to every single comment if there is a question in the same. On an average we receive 150-200 comments every single day hence its hard to handle the same which is why we have enabled disqus commenting system which will handle the Spam Comments and also offer you with option to login through different services.

The top logos would be rotating and give you a new look every time you refresh the page. Also we have come up with a option to Tip us whenever you would like to share some exclusive information with us. We are also opening our Contributors Section for everyone, through which you can signup initially as a contributor and cover app reviews and news, following which based on your performance, you would get some awesome perks.

Let us know with your feedback on our New Design which would soon be implemented on the Mobile Version and also on our Upcoming Android Application.

Version 2.0 – March 30, 2012 – Update Below

If you have already visited the web format of this blog, then you would have experienced a new design here after quite some time and this was mainly implemented because our previous version was looking like a Black & White blog. Now the blog has a more colorful and useful navigational structure which can help you in finding your favorite content easily.

We have implemented a responsive design here which means that the width of this blog theme would automatically resize based on the device you are using. In case of your desktop it would be showing you the full view mode while if you use a tablet like a Galaxy Tab, Kindle or any other device then the view would be different.

Android Advices Theme 2.0

For users who love to read this blog through mobile, we have implemented a lighter version which is great for mobile browsing using minimal resources and saving your bandwidth and time.

We are waiting for your feedback on this new design and looking for suggestions / bugs in case you find any. Don’t forget to share this story with your friends who can also send in their feedback.

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