Best Android Apps for FIFA 2014 Brazil Coverage on your Mobile Phone

It’s the season of FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil, and we know not each of us could watch it live, in the stadium or on the Television, thanks to the busy schedules as always. But aren’t Mobile phones the easiest ways to check the updates and the live score of the FIFA 2014 matches? Here’s a list of the best Apps for the FIFA 2014 world cup, which you can check from your Android phone, and these all apps cost you nothing, so you could pick the best ones which you feel would provide you what you wanted.

fifa app

1. The Fifa App

Fifa’s official mobile app is the best companion to rely upon for the Brazil 2014 World Cup. The app is available in Android as well as for iOS devices too. The app has some features:

  • All the latest news in a separate section, and lists of coaches and players for all the 32 teams playing the FIFA 2014 world cup
  • Groups, schedules and qualification matches details and information of the host cities
  • Lists complete schedule of 64 matches played in tournaments
  • Breaking stories, galleries from Getty images, videos from the FIFA TV Studio and FIFA archives

There will be an update coming soon which will introduce the Minute-by-Minute updates for all the matches and also fix the bugs that are causing frequent crashes and failed requests.

Google Play

2. World Cup Brazil 2014

With the World cup Brazil 2014 app, users can get to know all about the FIFA World Cup latest news and updates. The app is available for Android devices only. The app has some unique features:

  • Includes countdowns for duration of ball rolls in Sao Paulo
  • Display the next games on home screen
  • Gives information about a specific selection (games, team and country)
  • Provide videos, news and players summoned
  • Update the data in real time
  • View the match progress on home screen

There will be an update coming soon which will provide the information on previous matches along with the historical statistics of clashes between two selected teams. There will a version of French language is coming to the app, the twitter messages of major players will be seen in the home screen of the app.

Google Play

3. Jalvasco World Cup 2014

The Jalvasco World cup 2014 app is similar to the official FIFA app. It integrates photos, news and other information regarding the World Cup. The app is available for Android devices only. The app has some unique features:

  • Full customization of data where the teams are tracked, and the groups, matches and conferences are listed after each match
  • The entire schedule of all the matches to be held in the FIFA 2014 tournament
  • Match details includes scores, line up, substitute players, cards, the list of substitutions
  • Browsing results in offline mode (No internet required)
  • History of previous results of finals of FIFA cups

Google Play

4. FotMob – World cup 2014 Brazil

FotMob has an impressive interface and the last page takes the users to the point with three tabs listing yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s matches. The app is available to Android as well as ios devices too. The app has some unique features:

  • Gives audio coverage of football in the app
  • Live commentaries in text, given by football experts for major leagues
  • Commentaries in English, German and Spanish
  • All the match stats from the beginning to end of the match
  • News from the top football leagues and top club news

Google Play

5. Onefootball Brasil- World Cup

Onefootball is the most comprehensive football app to stay updated. The app is available at Android as well as iOS devices too. The app has some unique features:

  • Provides live commentary and also exclusive live ticker for all matches of the tournament.
  • Gives Match schedules, results and personalized push notifications
  • Chat with other fans around the world during a live match
  • Videos, press conferences and interviews are also shown
  • Detailed World cup news before and during the tournament

Google Play

6. SofaScore World Cup Live

SofaScore is another general app that follows popular sports football, tennis and basketball as well as lesser popular ones like darts and snooker. This is a live score sports app with an efficient widget. The app is available for Android as well as ios devices too. The app has some unique features:

  • Create a list of favorite teams and games receive the notifications and video highlights
  • Live section lets a user to see matches are being played, graphs and each team’s performance and form
  • Get live football news, analysis, live scores, match stats and text  commentaries

Google Play

7. BBC Sport

The BBC Sport app offers the latest sports news, live action and highlights. The app enables users to watch matches and highlights, to read articles while listening to BBC radio, to set football team notifications, to follow live scores and even to customize and set quick links to favorite sports and football teams. The app is available for Android as well as iOS devices too. The app has some unique features:

  • Homescreen displaying the top stories across the world of sport
  • The user can set match alerts for all the teams playing the World Cup 2014 as well as more than 150 domestic football clubs, where details such as line ups, kick offs, goals and results are shown.
  • Quick links to favorite sports and teams, allowing customization
  • Watch the events live or catch up with the highlights
  • Listen to BBC Radio 5 live and BBC Radio 5 live sports
  • News, analysis, live scores and commentaries available from the app

There will be an update coming soon for the app which will add new features to the app and also notifies the user when they become available in the app store.

Google Play

8. Forza Soccer

The Forza Soccer previously known as Live score Addicts is a live score app that provides updates, scores and statistics of the football matches. It also offers football enthusiasts a platform to share their opinions and ideas. The app is available for Android as well as ios devices. The app has some unique features:

  • Users can track the details of particular teams, players or matches
  • Live Bracket feature – to display potential outputs with infographics
  • Set alerts for the favorite teams and pin matches
  • Push notification per team or match, with details
  • Pre-match line-ups with formations and player options
  • Share opinions and answer the poll questions about the squad, the manager, the chairman

Google Play

10. Sports Republic

MobilesRepublic has come up with an excellent news aggregator News Republic, Sports Republic is geared towards sports news articles. It has an unrivalled coverage, a beautiful design and an intuitive interface independently optimized for smart phone and Tablets. Sports Republic gathers news about every major sport from across the world. The app is available for Android as well as ios devices. The app has unique features:

  •    Provides visual for all the latest news from favorite sports
  •    Explore via ‘Tag Nav’a innovative news navigation system
  •    Enjoy complete articles with photos and videos from trusted sources
  •    A quality section of top world sport publications, including Fansided, SB Nation, sports media 101, reuters.

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