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What is Android Beam and How to Share Content with NFC Technology

By Amit Bhawani / October 19, 2011 / Tips for Mobiles 0

The eagerly awaited epic Google Nexus Prime with rebranded name as Samsung Galaxy Nexus is officially out and also the Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 update is launched too.

The Ice Cream Sandwich unveils some of the additional features like NFC sharing and one thing which would be talking in this section is the Android Beam feature.

What is Android Beam?

The Android Beam is an NFC based technology with which you can quickly share webpages, videos, apps, pictures by simply tapping the two phones together within the reach of NFC range. You can also share other important data like files with other enabled devices.

This feature also works to share Google Maps information, video being watched on YouTube, contact information and application which you are browsing on your browser can also be shared.

Sharing Content with Android Beam

Suppose if you are browsing video on YouTube on one of the NFC phone you can easily share with the other NFC enabled device.

Android Beam
You just simply need to touch to beam and then bring the device closer to each other to make the same content available on the other phone.

Android Beam Video Sharing

Android Beam Limitations

And importantly Android Beam would be the feature which would be only available on the NFC module enabled device and it wouldn’t be available on all the Android phones. But looks like slowly we would see more number of device coming with NFC module as its just adding a chip with relevant program on the existing phones. We have listed few of the Android NFC enabled phones and along with that we have also provided a listed of upcoming NFC enabled devices whose count will grow by this year end.

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  1. how can transfer information (ex. webpage, apps) from an Android 4.0 device to Android 4.1 device?

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