Android Customisation 101 – Tailoring Ringtones

One thing you will probably focus on when customising your Android is finding a ringtone that speaks volumes of your personality. You will want something represents you and your phone in the most fitting manner possible. You might want to cut a specific section of a song out because it has the groove that best let’s people around you know that you are on the wavelength of awesome. There is an app available on the Market and AppBrain called RingDroid. RingDroid adds some pretty neat functionality to the whole ringtone selection process. It has a built in WAV editor that allows you to cut out any part of any DRM free song.

Android Customisation 101 – Tailoring RingtonesFollowing is a basic list of steps to follow in order to achieve the pinnacle of cool with your chosen song or section of song that you want to use to represent how awesome you are:

  • Firstly you will need to grab a copy of RingDroid from the Market or AppBrain. Installing it into your phone is pretty straight forward. Once it is on your phone and you access it you are ready for the next step.
  • Open up RingDroid and open up the song that you want to edit. You will be presented with an editing screen, play the song to see how it works (in the event you have never used a WAV editor).
  • Now you will need to set start and stop markers to essentially cut the section out of the song that you wish to use. You will want something about 10-30 seconds long for a ringtone and something less than 10 seconds for a notification sound. Placing the start and stop markers are pretty straight forward things to do. Play around with it a bit to get your head around how it works – you can’t wreck anything.
  • Once you have made your selection, navigate to the menu and hit save. There is a little save icon down the bottom of the interface, alternatively you can just hit that.
  • When the save screen pops up you can choose what you want to use the sound for. The options consist of ringtone, notification, alarm or music. Type in a unique name for the sound and hit save.
  • Now you can use the sample for what you need it for. It will ask if you would like to set it as the default sound for what you said you wanted it for as it saves and this can save you a little time in setting it manually. If you want to change it at a later date then you can go to the main phone menu, hit settings and select the sounds and display option.

RingDroid is a great little app for setting ringtones because it allows you to totally customize what you want the sample to be. You don’t have to set a 3 minute song as a notification sound and it will open virtually any sound file as long as it is DRM free.

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