Best Android Games for Kids for Fun & Education (Mobiles & Tablet Devices)

Kids are always behind games and forget about studies, so why not make studies interesting with games that educate the children. Yea you heard it right! There are many educational games that children will love to play and more over it will educate them, for this you just need to download apps from the Google Play store and which are meant for kid. Below are the best apps that will be helping your kids learn and enjoy on the Android mobiles or Android tablets.

Android Games for Kids

Paper Airplanes 11 – How to make Paper Airplanes

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How to make Paper Airplanes is a simple Android app that will teach the kids how to make paper planes in 3D animation view just by folding papers in different steps so that the children can learn it easily. The instruction sets are very clear and your child can easily understand how to make these paper planes. There are different types of plans like the Aircraft carrier, F-4 phantom, F-117 Night Hawk, Concorde, Space Shuttle Super Plane and many more. Below every plane, the number steps are indicated to build that plane. Once the kid selects the plane type, there is a step wise procedure given which can be repeated and seen again.

The size of How to make Paper Airplanes Android app is 615 kb and requires Android 2.2 or later and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, where it is rated with 4.4 on 5.

2 – iStoryBooks

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iStoryBooks is a application that offers a wide range of story books that also have voice overs and pictures that tells the your child the stories they want to hear from the library. Parents have the power of removing or adding books from children’s library and this parental section in the app is protected. The app offers monthly subscription to the access more premium content books and more over there is an option to save all the media to the SD card also by tapping Menu when you are in myLibrary. The parents can see all the new books that will appear automatically in the App and add them to their library accordingly.

The different type of books include children’s books, story books, bedtime stories, classic stories, folk stories, toddler books, preschool books, nursery school books, kindergarten books, fairy tales and picture books with accompanying audio of the text in each page. This app can be downloaded from the Google Plat Store for free and the size of the download and Android version varies with each device.

123's and ABCs app3 – 123s ABCs Handwriting Fun

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This 123s ABCs Handwriting Fun is an app meant to improve the handwriting of your kid, this is done by making the child to practice the handwriting with their finger and this is traced by a finger tracing flashcard app. With this app the kid can trace the letters and number by following the numbered instructions. If your child wants to erase and start from beginning there is a simple way to do it, just shake and everything will be erased and it will start again.

This is a free app of size 2.1 MB and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. This app requires Android version 1.5 or later.

Anni world4 – AniWorld free animal kids game

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This app is a game design to make the children learn more about animals in enjoyable way allowing the kids to feed and per the animal virtually. This is a great way to learn animal names. Select an animal and you can feed it, pet it, hear the sounds it makes and see pictures of the animal during infancy, adolescence and adulthood giving all the information of that animal. The kid can see the animal home and discover where the animal rests. The free game educates the kid about the animal natural environment. In the background you hear the sound of the animal snoring with bed time music

There are 36 different animals to select from and 250 pictures are offered. This is a free app from the Google play Store and the size of the 20 MB and will require Android 2.1 or later.

Coloring book5 – Coloring Book

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Coloring Book app is a simple app where the kid needs to color the 300+ pages that are available. The Images are organized in different categories like, Animals, Airplanes, Nature, People, Cars, Christmas, Halloween, winter and more, for both girls and boys. Stained Glass category is also provided for teens and adults for easier access. There is a zoom option provided so that the kid can zoom and color every tiny detail and there is another option called undo to revert everything that has been done. With the advance color option you can select the right color required.

This app is available for free on the Google Play Store and the size of the download is 6.6 MB that requires Android 2.2 or later.

6 – Kids Numbers and Math Lite

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This Kids Numbers and Math Lite is a very nice and colorful game from the studio Intellijoy, which specializes in children’s applications for Android-devices. This game is designed for children from 3-6 years old and is designed to teach your child the basics of accounts addition subtraction advanced exercises, and find a match.

Numbers are spoken in kid-friendly language so that it will be easier for your kids to learn and there is a paid version of this app that will enables the numbers range to be set, with numbers going up to 20. This game is free to download from the Google Play store and the size of the download is 20 MB and can run on devices with Android 2.2 or later.

Play tales7 – PlayTales

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PlayTales is an Android app that provides different kinds of books for your kids. This app is for starters as well as for those who are already used to reading. It is very easy to choose the books from the award winning bookstore app that offers unlimited books for children. The PlayTale’s stories are designed to educate and entertain the young aged between 1 and 12. This app’s library features classic children tales as The Ugly Duckling and Sleeping Beauty and also favorites like Pocoyo, Popeye, Betty Boop, and Felix that Cat.

There are new book added every week and different reading modes are also provided like the Read to Me, Read by myself, and Auto play and available in 8 different languages. This app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free and the size of the download is 17 MB and will run on devices with Android 2.1 or later.

Home work8 – HomeWork

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This is an app made to keep track of the home work and timetable that has 5 main screens with being the main menu, second one being a screen with list all home work with sorted dated and also provides counters that lets you know the amount of homework not done, the third one shows the list of exams with sorted dates, fourth one showing the timetable for the current day and the last one with timetable for the current week.

This time table can be changed if necessary and can use 2-3 or 4 week timetable that should be enabled from the settings. The size of the free download is 4.2 MB and requires

9 – PicsArt for Kids

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This App is a coloring, drawing and learning app for kids with some exclusively high quality content that combines three applications in one. The kids can draw on the screen and it is mainly designed for kids with 10 fingers drawing support. The coloring feature comes with cartoon dinosaurs, fishes, cars and much more that supports multi touch color filling.

The Leaning feature makes the kids practice how to draw by providing simple shapes and showing how these shapes can be used to draw an animal, people or any other thing. This app is free to download from the Google Play Store and the size of the download is 17 MB that will be running on Android 2.1 or later.

10 – Kids Zoo Animal Sounds & Photos

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Kids Zoo Animal Sounds & Photos will help your babies to recognize and learn more about zoo animals through photos and the sounds that they make. It has real sound and picture of a lion, tiger, elephant sparrow, whale, fox, dog, birds and many other animals. This app lets the kids to explore the animal Kingdome by learning animals by sight, sound and names.

The animal’s image can be browse through the gallery and the thumbnail should be clicked upon to view a bigger image and next image can also be seen with flick of the finger. This app is free to download from the Google Play Store and the size of the download varies with the device.

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