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Android Ice Cream Sandwich for Mobiles & Tablets Availability Table with Dates

Android ICSThe Ice Cream Sandwich is out with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and so we have the quick go through the Android 4.0. Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 introduce some of the interesting features sufficient enough to tempt users to go with the update to their existing mobile phones. We have also gone through on download Roboto font of ICS to your phone, ICS theme & wallpapers & other features to experience ICS on your existing phone.

We have also covered guide on can you upgrade your phone to ICS 4.0 or not! and we saw a good response from the consumers asking whether their mobile phone will get the ICS update or not. We had provided hardware requirements to qualify for ICS but still to make it clear, we have put together all the mobile phones expected to get ICS along with the phones which has got ICS confirmation and approximate date when will they get the update.

Here is the list of phones & tablets with relevant details from the Samsung Electronics -

 Samsung ICS Confirmation  Availability
 Galaxy Nexus  By Default  By Default
 Galaxy Note  Yes  Q1 2012
 Galaxy S II  Yes  Q1 2012
  Galaxy S II LTE  Yes  Q1 2012
 Galaxy S II Skyrocket  Yes  Q1 2012
 Galaxy Nexus S  Yes  Q1 2012
 Galaxy R  Yes  Q1 2012
 Galaxy S  Willn’t get ICS Update  X
 Galaxy S Plus  Willn’t get ICS Update  X
 Galaxy Tab 10.1  Yes  Q1 2012
 Galaxy Tab 8.9  Yes  Q1 2012
 Galaxy Tab 7.7  Yes  Q1 2012
 Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus  Yes  Q1 2012
 Galaxy SL I9003  Willn’t get ICS Update  X
 Galaxy Ace  Willn’t get ICS Update  X

The following are the HTC high-end smartphones. HTC has confirmed that Rezound and Vivid will get the Ice Cream Sandwich but HTC Google Nexus One willn’t get any such update, which is for sure.

 HTC ICS Confirmation  Availability
 Sensation  Confirmed  January 2012
 Amaze 4G  Confirmed  January 2012
 EVO 3D  Confirmed  December 2011
 Mytouch 4G  Confirmed  March 2011
 Sensation XE  Confirmed  January 2012
 Sensation XL  Confirmed  January 2012
 Rezound  Confirmed  January 2012
 Thunderbolt  Confirmed  Q1 2012
 Flyer  No Confirmation yet  -
 Rhyme  No Confirmation yet  -
 EVO Design 4G  Confirmed  January 2012
 Incredible S  No Confirmation yet  -
 Desire S  No Confirmation yet  -
 Wildfire S  No Confirmation yet  -
 Vivid  Confirmed  January 2012
 Salsa  No Confirmation yet  -
 Chacha  No Confirmation yet  -
 Desire HD  No Confirmation yet  -
 Desire Z  No Confirmation yet  -
 Desire  No Confirmation yet  -
 Google Nexus One  Willn’t get ICS Update  -

The following are the Motorola high-end smartphones which we expect may get ICS update -

 Motorola ICS Confirmation  Availability
 Razr  Confirmed  January 2012
 Droid Razr  Confirmed  January 2012
 Xoom 2  Received  January 18, 2012
 Xoom 2 Media Edition  Confirmed  December 2011
 Xoom Family Edition  Confirmed  January 2011
 Xoom  Received  January 18, 2012
 Atrix  No Confirmation  -
 Defy  No Confirmation  -
 Defy+  No Confirmation  -
 Droid Bionic  Confirmed  Q1 2012

The following is the Sony Ericsson Xperia family phones. Sony has strongly confirmed that all the phones in the Xperia family will get the Ice Cream Sandwich update but they didn’t speak further when exactly these updates would be making available.

Sony Ericsson ICS Confirmation  Availability
 Xperia Arc  Confirmed  March 2012
 Xperia Arc S  Confirmed  March 2012
 Xperia Ray  Confirmed  March 2012
 Xperia Neo  Confirmed  March 2012
 Xperia Neo V  Confirmed  March 2012
 Xperia Active  Confirmed  March 2012
 Xperia S  Confirmed  April 2012
 Xperia Pro  Confirmed  March 2012
 Xperia Play  Confirmed  March 2012
 Xperia Mini  Confirmed  March 2012
 Xperia Mini Pro  Confirmed  March 2012

From the manufacturers of LG Electronics, they have confirmed that most of the Optimus phones will get Ice Cream Sandwich update.

 LG ICS Confirmation  Availability
 Optimus 2X  Confirmed  Q2 2012
 Optimus 3D  Confirmed  Q3 2012
 Optimus Sol  Confirmed  Q2 2012
 MyTouch Q  Confirmed  Q2 2012
 Eclipse  Confirmed  Q2 2012
 Optimus Black  Confirmed  Q3 2012
 Optimus Pad  No Info Yet  No ETA
 Optimus LTE  Confirmed  Q1 2012

The following phones and tablets from the manufacturers of Asus will get the ICS update. Infact Asus Padfone was the first phone tablet combo which was announced with Ice Cream Sandwich very much early before the Galaxy Nexus phone was announced.

 Asus ICS Confirmation  Availability
 Padfone  Yes, By Default  -
 Eee Transformer  Confirmed  Q1 2012
 EEE Pad Slider SL101  Confirmed  Q1 2012
 Transformer Prime TF201  Received  January 20, 2012

Here are the other manufacturers who have promised for Ice Cream Sandwich update and we think they will get ICS update -

 Other Phones ICS Confirmation  Availability
 Meizu M8  Yes  Q1 2012
 Meizu M9  Yes  Q1 2012
 Notion Ink Adam Tablet  Confirmed  Q1 2012
 ZTE Smart Tab V71A  Yes  Q1 2012

Last Updated : 8 March 2012

NO ETA means – No Estimated Time of Arrival

Sources are based on the official announcement of the respective phone manufacturers.

We will update this list, as we get the confirmation or any update on exactly when any of the mobile phone gets ICS update. You can bookmark this page by pressing (CTRL + D button) and visit back anytime.


  1. sad to see that I9003 wouldn’t get ICS update…How do u get the info?Do you sure that info is true?

  2. How are you guys so sure of these dates? Just curious? This will help me make my decision on my next phone

  3. 真的太好了,我的m9,哈哈!O(∩_∩)O哈哈~

  4. Hi
    is the sony ericsson live with walkman upgrade to ICS?

  5. Is there any possibilities that Samsung Galaxy W will got its ICS Upgrade ??
    because of the specifications is more better than Xperia Neo V and that’s why i think Samsung Galaxy W should got its ICS Upgrade !
    Thanks :D

  6. oh my god, M8…

  7. what aboy galaxy W???

  8. How can find out when the ICS is available for HTC Wildfire S? or will it ever be available for the Wildfire S?

  9. How about sony erricson live with walkman..??

  10. Meizu M8 can be updated to ICS? Is it true? As I know, M8 is based on windows CE and Meizu is not support it any more.

  11. What about optimus 2x?
    Yesterday it had NO on your column “ICS Confirmation”, but now it’s changed to YES and even with exact date specified :)

  12. Then how about the date of Samsung Galaxy R ICS update?

  13. Nexus S is 2nd phone from Google. I’m expected to get first ICS update! Not Galaxy 2!

  14. What about Samsung Galaxy R?

  15. iit will not come for galacxy ace !!!!

    with 278 mg ram !? i have galaxy ace but i know there will not be update … ics has lot of ability that need more RAM

    like showing g+ staus beside contact .. or others thing …

    should change the phone ! ot get a cheapt asus tablet ! asus prime cost 500 dollar or previos trasnformet cost 450 $ .

    me mysleft getting prime .

  16. What about Samsung Galaxy s2 I9100G ????

  17. are you sure about date of galaxy s2 update

  18. Ahhh. Its sad to see theres no confirmation for sgs.

  19. My senasation xe runs with gingerbread at the moment as you know. Will I be able to update/download to ICS when it is available or will it only come on new phones from that date

  20. yogesh dude.. cn galaxy mini b upgdatd to icecream sandwich 4.0
    my OS is Gingerbread 2.3.5..

  21. What about Samsung Galaxy mini?

  22. me too waiting for Galaxy ace

  23. I hope it will come asap for Samsung Galaxy Ace :D waiting curiously… :)

  24. Thanks a ton for getting the stats. But dissapointed that Galaxy S has no confirmation :(

    • There is no announcement from Samsung, so we have put “No confirmation” else its will be receiving the ICS update for sure.

  25. Dear Sir

    I have updated my Galaxy Ace with DDKQ6. Can I root the phone? If so how to do it?

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