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Android Infographic Generator App Creates High-Res Graphics from your Photos

Infographics give a quick glance of statistics and data in a very neat and presentable way. Simple infographics with great design catch the eye and convey what is needed quickly to the user.

You can create infographics right from your Android smartphone too. Infoto is an Android app which is available in the Play Store that will generate great infographics for you, when the data is given. It is available as a paid app and a free app and the free version can be downloaded here from the Play Store. The free version has full functionality and the only difference in the paid version is that it is ad-free.

The InFoto apps can tell you right from what time of day you’ve taken your maximum photos during and what orientation was used in most of the photos.

The app is smart enough to read geo-tags from photos and find out where the photos were taken and display it in a graphical way on the world map with a color for each region.

The Infoto app also has share options around which allows you to directly share them to your social networks or email them to a friend, as you wish. You can showcase your photographs statistics or how you use your phone’s camera with your friends with just one touch and these infographics come with a grey background, focussing on the content a lot and making it very easy to read and interpret.

You could use these infographics and graph which gets generated to check your own camera experience so far and how you have used it or share it amongst your friends.

We feel that the InFoto App is a great app to try out and generate quick infographics about your own camera usage on your phone. You can download the InFoto App from Play Store here .




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