Android Market and Gmail App Access Blocked in China – Update : Its Back!

Android Market Gmail Blocked BanThere are numerous reports coming out that the Google Android Market App and the Gmail emailing Application are now blocked in China and the reason behind this is as usual the Chinese government which believe more on firewall and censoring access to anything on the web. Earlier it was the Google Search Engine itself following which every other service which allows users to get news or information directly is banned by the government.

Sometimes we feel that these blocking by the government is a necessary measure which ultimately leads to the public to suffer. Most of the users who have their online business connected with their Google accounts then they are right not going to find some other serious alternative because its blocked from 36 hours and there is no update either from the government nor the broadband service providers.

According to MocoNews the Great Firewall of China has blocked these services and the Android mobilers are now using VPN’s and Proxies to access their mail boxes and also the market place. Are you from China and are these services still down for you? Please comment below and update everyone on this problem.

Cnet Update : Google says that its their own issue and China Govt didnt block the services. We identified a technical issue during a software update, and have now fixed it.

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