Preview of Android N – Screen captures of System Settings

Cometh the May 2016, Android N may be a reality. It will be interesting to see the take of Google on failure to push latest OS versions to number of devices unlike the case of Apple which successfully peddles the software update quite rapidly. Google has failed in a massive way to push both Android L and Android M with the distribution is just 34.1% and 1.2% respectively. Let’s check out the leaked screen captures of Android N which was spotted in one of the leading Android blogs.

Android N_6 Android N_5

In the new Settings view, the overall design has been further washed in the material design. Data usage tells you upfront on how much data has been used and also display tells you on whether the adaptive brightness is turned on or not. With themed as information first design, the design seems pretty decent and simple. In the new design, there’s just a divider between each section. This is similar to the more unified look of notifications in the updated notification shade. Also, there is a hamburger menu which helps you to navigate between various list items inside settings for quick view.

Android N_2 Android N_3 Android N_4

Though the new navigation menu seems bit confusing, am sure by the time this realizes into commercial release, some things might just further be improved. Do let us know your thoughts on this new design which is doing the rounds.

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