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Android Q&A – Kids Tablet Suggestion – Cheap Android or Apple iPad?

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Hi Amit .. A lot of my friends have told me about the iPad which has a lot of full screen apps for kids and games which will involve them in learning a lot in a more fun way. But nowadays, there is lots of Android tablets like Aakash and Ubislate which are coming up at very affordable prices like just a few thousand rupees and i have come to know that they run on Android. I use an Android phone and i have seen many games in the Market for the kids and other small learning apps like Alphabets and Rhymes.. Will these apps work on the cheap Android tablet also? If yes ..can I buy that for my kid and will it be useful? Or should I save some money and buy the Apple iPad? Please enlighten me on the differences in both these device categories.

Thanks a lot, waiting for your reply..Powar.


Powar, good to know you’re considering making learning for your kid fun and considering the newer ways of learning. The Apple iPad has a huge number of apps for kids, that’s right and they are exclusively made to teach and educate kids in a fun and loving way, in a way in which they will learn. However, the iPad is a costly device and if you are going to invest on that just for Kids purpose, it might not be worth the money. We have gone through few of the kids tablets like Amazon Kindle Fire, Vinci tablet and Kulpad tablet but they are priced on the higher above $ 350.

Kids tabletsAnswering your second question, the Android tablets like Aakash or Ubislate are good devices for cheap money around just Rs.3000 and come with the Android 2.3 Gingerbread, which has support for most of the apps in the Android Market. If you have come across some good apps on the Android Market in your smartphones, the same apps will work well on the cheap Android tablets as well. Do check out Aakash Tablet vs UbiSlate 7 Table Comparison & Specs. You can check out best 7 inches tablet under $ 99 and if you think that your margin is $ 200 then you can get better 10 inches tablets.

Cheap Android tablets will make a good buy, considering the everyday rapid rise in the number of apps in the Android Market and the iPad will be a good device which will serve the purpose as well, though not a must, if you can afford some extra money.

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1 Comment

  1. uksuperioressays

    May 17, 2012 at 9:39 pm

    I was thinking something similar to this a few days ago when practicing for the SAT test here in the U.S. I agree that it can definitely improve our educational system, but it’s just one piece in a jumbled puzzle — at least here in the U.S.

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