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Android Q&A – Is Galaxy Note the Best SmartPhone for Artists & Designers?

Question :

How good is the Android device Galaxy Note? Some of my friends have got it and I find it a little big to carry, actually. However i come to know that it comes with a Stylus called as S-Pen .. Is this an unique feature of the Galaxy Note or can I use a stylus with other smartphones as well? The Galaxy Note advertisements show it as a tool to do photo editing and sketches on it.. does that mean it is the best smartphone for artists and designers?

Thanks, Rajesh.

Answer :

Hello there, the Galaxy Note is indeed one of the best Android smartphones out there and  here are 7 Reasons Why the Samsung Galaxy Note is the Best SmartPhone. If you are interested in getting a Galaxy Note, do check out  HTC Sensation XL vs Galaxy Note Comparison and Samsung Galaxy S2 vs Galaxy Note Comparison to see how other phones in the same price range vary in specifications and other factors.

Answering your query, the S-Pen stylus is a stylus designed exclusively for capacitive touchscreens, keeping the Galaxy Note in mind. However, there a lot of other capacitive touchscreen styluses available in the market and they work well with other smartphones which come these days. However, the S-Pen is callibrated exclusively to work in harmony with the Galaxy Note and best results would be seen only on the Galaxy Note.

The Galaxy Note has a Memo app which allows you to jot down whatever you want to quickly and save them for quick access later, and also couple of other apps which enable you to create and edit drawings and pictures on the smartphone. Indeed, for designers and Artists, it would be a great device considering that it has the best set of apps and hardware utility ( S-Pen ) to add finishing touches and striking edits to the photos.

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