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Android Q&A – Upgrade to Galaxy Nexus just for Ice Cream Sandwich is worth the Money?

Question :

Hey Amit .. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S I9000 and I am looking forward to buy the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Google which is supposed to be the first and best Android Ice Cream Sandwich device in the market. Do you think it is worth the money I am going to spend for an all new mobile phone for Ice Cram Sandwich? What else does the Galaxy Nexus have in it that it is so special?

I have also been going through some posts which mention I can put Ice Cream Sandwich in my phone but that involves some rooting process which will make my warranty go invalid. Is that advisable to do?

and Will my Galaxy S phone get Ice Cream Sandwich from Samsung?

Thanks, Mohit.


Hello, Mohit. The Galaxy S from Samsung is indeed one of the most powerful smartphones which initially came out and thus has a powerful developer community which has enabled to experience Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS on your phone, by building Custom ROMS. As of date, there aren’t any ROMs for your phone which is originally Ice Cream Sandwich, these ones available on the forums will give you the closest experience to the original Ice Cream Sandwich Android, but not exactly that. There might be a lot of missing features here and there but most of it will look like Ice Cream Sandwich. And to know more about rooting, check this post.

Upgrading to the Galaxy Nexus just for Ice Cream Sandwich wouldn’t be worth the money at all. But considering that you are upgrading to the Galaxy Nexus, it is just not Android 4.0 ICS which you get. There are lots more features on the hardware side like a much bigger and a gorgeous screen, better processing and graphics capabilites and much more. With all this powerful hardware combined with Ice Cream Sandwich, the Android experience is one of the best and the most powerful experience yet which you will really enjoy.

So don’t think again, if you are ready to get the Galaxy Nexus, go ahead and get the phone.



  1. Rakesh Narang

    October 20, 2012 at 11:19 pm

    Galaxy Nexus is certainly a very good phone, you should upgrade to it.

  2. Jens Peter Karlsen

    January 23, 2012 at 8:11 pm

    There are good options to sync with Outlook by thirdparty apps. MyPhoneExplorer (Free) or Companionlink ($49.95) comes to mind. The manual you can get by going to

  3. Charles Hackman

    January 18, 2012 at 4:37 pm

    Dear Mohit, I think I can comment on this, because I have a Galaxy S GT-I9000 and though I would upgrade to get better reception, so bought a Galaxy Nexus GT-I9250. The screen is excellent, the user interface also, once you have got used to it, BUT….
    The real problem with the Galaxy Nexus is CONNECTIVITY.
    #1. Samsung tech support says it is not supposed to interface with a desktop for backup of contacts or calendar, only with Google in the Cloud. That means you can’t use Outlook as you main database, and you can’t keep confidential information in Contacts or Calendar (I am a doctor, so half my appointments are confidential!) Unfortunately, even synching with Google is really problematic: I returned the first phone and the replacement had similar problems: you can synch applications with Market and either Calendar or Contacts, but not both and not Gmail.
    #2. Bluetooth. Excellent reception – it can detect Bluetooth devices very readily. Unfortunately, it cannot be made visible to them or communicate with them in any way (Samsung tech: “you cannot expect it to be seen by any Bluetooth device that does not specifically list the Galaxy Nexus GT-I9250 as compatible host”)
    #3. Mobile network reception: Certainly no worse than GT-I9000, but no better either: far inferior to Blackberry in marginal areas, using same SIM card in same location. I don’t know what other Android phones are better, because this information is never published.
    Finally, SUPPORT. Until Android Advices has time to develops this area to its usual high standard, you are on your own: there isn’t even an operating manual!
    There isn’t any online support available from either Samsung or Google. Google is not responsible because it is a Samsung phone, and Samsung is not responsible because it’s using a Google, not a Samsung operating system.
    So my advice is to avoid this phone until you start to see some really positive USER feedback. The S2 is rock solid, other brands may have better network reception, the S3 or the new Motorola may turn out to be winners, so wait a while and borrow phones from friends to try out, if they’ll let you.
    Good luck, and my sincere thanks to Amit and the gang for a wonderful service to all of us Android fans.

  4. bilal

    December 29, 2011 at 5:00 am

    Amit are right but i trust samsung and “galaxy” i think wait for the s3 is will be the most powerfull mobile phone i will also buy him i am eagerly waiting for him in paris i am with my gt-i9000 samsung galaxy s.

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