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Best Anti SMS Spam Blocking App with Auto Filter

SMS SpamSpamming is everywhere. Be it email or be it SMS. You can’t get complete freedom from unwanted SMS but with the Android phone you can minimize the spam messages on your phone. I receive atleast 10 SMS from Yebhi, Snapdeal and other providers which uses bulk SMS package and I am not interested in those SMS too. Few providers like Yebhi doesn’t even includes unsubscribe option and in such cases you need to block the SMS sender. With the Android App named SMS Blocker Optinno you can stop SMS spam on your mobile phone.

SMS Blocker Optinno is the world’s most advanced anti SMS spam app. With this app installed on to your mobile phone, you get the most advanced and powerful SMS anti-spam & SMS filter. Unlike other spam filters you needn’t have to provide the spam number or the title of the spammer and it includes an intelligent spam blocker by its own. The SMS Blocker Optinno is fully customizable and modify or blocks preferences as you want.

With this app on your mobile phone you would be able to one click block from your home screen. Blocked SMS are stored in a folder meant for this app. So if you want to get rid of unwanted and annoying spam SMS and fully enjoy the clutter free inbox then this app is of your worth download.

Download & Install SMS Blocker Optinno

  • Open this link from your mobile phone and search for SMS Blocker Optinno.
  • As soon as you install the App from the App Marketplace, it will ask for License agreement.SMS Spam Block
  • In the next option confirm your country by dialing code. Yups! It was straightaway right on my mobile.SMS Spam Block
  • Now as you go through the app you would the option of adding SMS sender’s lists which would be blocked. You can add the contacts manually and the SMS from the same number are not received from that instance. The crazy thing here is, phonebook contacts are automatically added to the list.SMS Spam Block
  • So finally I managed to add few bulk SMS sender like Sharekan, Snapdeal & Yebhi.SMS Spam Block


Thanks SMS Blocker Optinno for blocking spammer in my mobile phone but one cons is that my phonebook contacts are automatically added to the list. I hope the developers are listening to the reviewers and hope we get it updated version soon.




  1. musi

    January 1, 2012 at 12:36 am

    How to turn off the notification? I blocked a number, and I dont get text from that number which is fine.
    However, I always get notifications that a text is blocked, when a new text comes from that number, which is really very annoying!

    Do you have any solution pls?

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