{APK} Download Chrome v57 with Improved Notifications, Web Assembly & more

Couple of days back Chrome has launched v56 of its browser and now major changes erupt in the Chrome v57 which is being released in the beta stage. This new version comes with the Web Assembly which provides more controls over the low level operations than JavaScript like web apps or normal web pages.

Let’s check out on what’s new in this new Chrome v57.

Media Notification 2 Media Notification 1

Web Assembly:
The best part of this Web Assembly is that it’s designed as a compile target for C/C++ code, with support for more languages coming in the future. Some of the web applications in Web Assembly weren’t possible only on Javascript like online versions of Adobe Photoshop or Sony Vegas.

Improved Notifications

Improved Media Notifications:
While playing audio and video, the controls were pretty basic, but now with the support for Media Session API, developers will now be able to make use of additional media notification controls as well which makes this more attractive than ever. This Media Session API has been bought from Android Developer community which provides more flexibility and customization options. This is importantly beneficial for HTML 5 Audio notifications and also can be extended to the Android Wear devices as well which is awesome.

Other Features:
Other list of enhancements include things like Full screen media orientation and Progressive Web App improvements. Full Screen Media Orientation helps when tapped on full screen button of Video, the orientation is changes to match to that of Video orientation to match the behavior of YouTube App which android uses. Progressive Web apps will now have better improvements and will be enabled in coming versions to come. Also, this new update comes with the CSS Grid support with which websites having grid layout can be easily managed.

Download Google Chrome v57 APK

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