App for Color Filters, Lighting Effects & Vintage Touch to Photos

The desktop users have multiple tools and softwares to edit pictures and bring life to them, with many effects, and an image clicked today could be taken into the past with the vintage looks. The same in the mobile phones would make things pretty handy, and that is what Pixlr-o-matic app for Android does. It has many effects, colors, portrait views etc. that can modify the look of the pictures that you already have in your phone gallery or are clicking with the phone camera right now. The photo already in the photo gallery means you can use any photo in your phone, and can even transfer from other devices and edit them in your Android phone, and within a minute all the effects can be placed and the photo can be extracted and saved.

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The age effect, i.e. the vintage looks always give a better view for people to keep them as memories. The app has various filters, lighting and borders that could produce thousands of variants for the original image, in the way you want to make it look like.
Here are a few features and the effects that the Pixlr-o-matic app for Android has –

  • The filters like Sophia, Peter, Melissa, Ivan, Karen, Amber, Josh, Salomon, Anne, Antonio and a lot more to add or remove colors automatically on particular subjects in the picture.
  • Effects like Stripe, Bubble, Metal, Scratches, Rain can bring life to the photos and make them look like portraits that can be printed and used in the picture frames, no design knowledge needed.
  • Borders like Tiny, Hassle, Haltone, Soft, Sand, Cornered, Ground, Round, Scrap etc. add the borders to the picture.
  • You don’t always have to keep your Camera on, and the phones which do not have a camera too can use the app as you can select any transferred picture in the gallery.
  • Sharing options available – Rather than just saving the edited photo to your phone, you can even share the photos with your friends directly through Facebook or
  • Resolution can be changed while saving the photo and you can save the photo in 2k x 1k resolution too.
  • No knowledge of designing needed. You need to have some creativity in mind to make the picture look beautiful and better than the original, and the knowledge of sharing and saving the picture in the end is enough.

pixlr tom vintage effect pixlr rain effect pixlr web background portrait

The Pixlr-o-matic app for Android is available for the Android phones over Android 2.1 operating system, and is available for a free download from the Android market.

Here is how you can use the App and add the effects to your photos:

  • Open the app, and you would see the welcome screen with the option to select the photo – From the Camera, From the Gallery. If you want to work on a new photo that you would click now, select the “Camera” option and click a picture. Or else, click on “Photo” to select one from the Gallery in your phone.
  • Once you select the photo, you would be taken to the section where the various effects are categorized. The Effects, Lighting, Borders etc. can be changed from the top bar where they are in a filmstrip view.
  • Once the editing is done, click on the last option in the top bar, i.e. the Save option which would show you the final picture which is produced after your editing and addition of effects. Click on save and you would get the various options of saving and sharing the picture to Facebook or

pixlr dirt portrait pixlr save image

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