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App with Multiple File Formats Video Playback Support for Android

Certainly when you have a smartphone powered with Android OS by Google, you would be feeling proud of it. There exist more than a dozen of audio and video formats online each serving a specific purpose. Some of the formats are used to get the clarity while other are used to reduce the file size so that your storage card can accommodate more files. This has given users more choice to choose the formats according to their requirements but it has also added for the requirement of format converters. But what if you need to play various formats on your handsets. Your Android handset comes with pre-defined support of media file playback and it’s for sure that it can’t support all the files.

MX Video Player

The MX Video Player is among the top video and audio player application on your Android device to enjoying watching movies. The MX Video Player supports playback of video files on Honeycomb tablet as well and the application comes with multi core decoding. The multi core decoding on video files gives 70 % performance than single core devices. Whether you want to play unknown format or any HD video format, the MX Video Player will do it if you default video player doesn’t support.

MX Video Player

The MX Video Player add pinch and zoom feature on your screen with which you can easily zoom in and out across the screen. Also it includes subtitle scrolling with better sub-title reading as it has thicker and bolder text along with shadows. For the sub title you can add colors titles and you can move the sub title display anywhere in the video playback area.

MX Video Player Download

The MX Video Player Android application can be downloaded from Android Apps Labs for free. From your Android phone just visit this page or the MX Video Player and click on Install button to automatically install the application.

Android Advices Application Rating – 5 / 5

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Palash

    December 7, 2011 at 8:28 pm

    I’m using this App since last 3 months.
    its awesome,plays almost everything, every format.

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