App to Setup Firewall, Monitor Traffic & Switch GPRS WiFi on Android

The need of Firewall, SmartTools, data usage and various other settings on your phone is quite essential. Since your phone is no longer a device which can make calls, it’s a digital device allowing you to do what you can do other high end digital products like laptops, desktops and tablet PC’s. Setting up Firewall is quite essential on your Android smartphone as this determines which application should be allowed for internet access via 3G or Wi Fi and we got a perfect Android application called Droidwall which restrict or allow data connection for various apps. Since there are various connectivity options available in Android like 3G, Wi Fi, GPRS and various others, you might sometime require switching between one source to the other.

Coming out with all those capabilities in one in all features is the HiSurfing Android application. This combines the features of Droidwall inside this application, one click switcher between Wi Fi, GPRS, Net-WAP Rotator and usage traffic monitoring tool.

As soon as you install this application and run it on your mobile phone you will be directly taken to the Traffic page where it will list down all the data usage on your mobile phone including of 3G, GPRS or Wi Fi.HiSurfing App Traffic

It has three buttons of Wi Fi Switcher, GPRS Switcher and NET – WAP Switcher by tapping on each of them you can turn each one off and ON. Below that data usage details of today, yesterday, month and total are shown.

The next tab is the Firewall tab. This tab allows users to select those application to which they want to have data usage restrictions. You can quickly select all the apps and quick OFF the firewall at times needed.HiSurfing App Firewall

The next tab is the Assistant tab where in you can find the APN Toolbox. Using that you can AutoSet APNs, Delete APNs, Backup APNs, Restore APNs and ManSet APNs.HiSurfing App Assistance

Here you can also check up the DNS for the wap (2G or 3G) whether its running on or not with complete details like the IMEI, Phone number, Ping Hostname, Call Status, Network type and lot more.HiSurfing App Ping Test

The next tab is the smart tool tab which we think that you will be surprised to see it. This allows you to set trigger like Wi Fi OFF then set APN ON/OFF according to your settings and vice versa as well.HiSurfing App Smart Tools

Finally when you tap on the Menu button you find Preference where you can choose various other settings with this application.HiSurfing App Preferences

Here in at the option of Today, you can set your alarm for the limit value that you reach for the data usage available separately for both GPRS and Wi Fi.HiSurfing App Data Limit

HiSurfing Android App Download

HiSurfing Android application can be easily downloaded from Android Apps Labs for free. To download it directly on to your mobile phone, you need to visit the Android Apps Labs page listing of the HiSurfing application. Once you are there, you need tap on Install button to begin automatic installation of the application.

HiSurfing Application can also alternatively be download using the QR code below. By using the QR code scanner application on your mobile phone, face the camera to the following code.

Hi Surfing QR code

Android Advices Application Rating – 4 / 5

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