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Cinch logoHow many times you felt that you are fed up of typing the status updates and other updates in the facebook or on twitter? Yes, quite a few sometimes you might have felt, so here’s a great way to update your facebook as well as the twitter status, all thanks to an application called cinch which allows you to update the status by recording the voice messages. The best part of this application is that this one is not only free app but also the message can be broadcasted or updated from anywhere and anytime.

If you are thinking that only status updates can be only in the form of texts then you will be happy and delighted to know that the status updates can be in the form of text or the audio and the best part is you can always add a short intro about the status update and also you can add along the pictures and the images which you wish to add to the status update which you will be posting in the facebook or on twitter.

How to use Cinch Application:

  • First up you will have to download the application from the below link, after downloading the application you will have to tap on the application to open the same


  • Now, you will have to enter in the message about the update in the text version, you can add the photo is any and after that you can record the status message which you wish to publish on the facebook or the twitter and after that you can check the status message by clicking on the “Play” option as shown in the above screen shot, after reviewing the update you can proceed by clicking on the “Publish” option.

Cinch Message updated

  • Now, as shown in the above screen shot, you an easily update the status without needing to update the status message manually. Do, note that this application comes with the only limitation that this fails to recognize the voice sometimes due to which you will have to again record the voice.

This application is available for free and the same can be downloaded from the Android Market Place or also alternatively you can scan the below QR Code to download the application, or alternatively you can also directly download the application from the below mentioned link.

Download Cinch:

QR Code Cinch

Cinch.apk App ratings – 3.5/5

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