App to Watch Free Live TV Channels & Movies on Galaxy Tab

Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 honeycombLive TV on mobile phone has become reality since a long time and with 3G you get faster streaming of data which provides uninterrupted service.

The Mimobi is a TV application for mobiles to enjoy watching live TV on your phone. Phone? then why not on tablet? Since tablets are mobile devices with larger screen, its possible to watch live TV on Galaxy Tab tablets. We just come out here to show you how it works on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. Since watching of live TV using the Mimobi.TV app is possible on 10.1 inches screen it is also possible to watch on 8.9 inches version and 7 inches version too. Not sure whether it works for other Honeycomb tablets!

The Mimobi app comes pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy Tab with other apps. This application supports HD TV playback but not sure whether HD TV channels like Discovery HD, Star Cricket HD, Star Plus HD, ESPN HD, etc., are available by Mimobi app.

Procedure to Watch Live TV on Galaxy TAB

There is not much long procedure for accessing Mimobi app on your Galaxy Tab, here are few steps procedure –

  • Tap on “Apps” from any home screen on your tablet.Galaxy Tab Homescreen
  • Now among the various pre-installed apps tap on Mimobi or Mobile TV and once you tap on it, it will launch quickly within no time.
  • If you are using it for the first time then you would require service activation, which is done by sending SMS on your Galaxy Tab. So you should have a 3G SIM inserted on your Galaxy Tab.Mobile TV
  • Then check back the SMS that you have received. It will be received in no time.Mobile TV SMS Confirmation
  • You would be then taken to the homepage of Mobile TV app on your Galaxy Tab and this is how it looks -Mobile TV Home Screen
  • It has three tabs – Home, Live TV and Shows. Click on ‘Live TV‘ and you would get the list of channels along with categories on the left side.Live TV
  • There are many channels to watch out for and you can choose categories to view more channel specific listings.Channels
  • There are different categories in which you can organise and one good thing I liked about this app is that, it will list all of your favorite channels in “Subscribed” category.
  • This is how I watch live TV on tablet. You have the option of choosing the resolution to HD or normal playback along with various other settings.Live TV Galaxy Tab

Importantly accessing live TV on your tablet would require the need of any data connection, if you have Wi-Fi available then its easy to connect but if you have 3G then you would be charged accordingly to your data plans.

  • intex001

    can i watch live cricket in samsung gaalxy y… ??

    does this phone supports flash player??,, if not, any other alternative to watch live cricket on phone????

    thanx in advance….

    • NeaL Pradeep

      no, as it doesnt support flash!

  • ismail

    hello all friends,
    I have a new Samsung galaxy Y android mobile in which it got easy access to TV news channels via my land connection internet WIFI .
    I am using a Vodafone 2g (sim) connection . Next day i found much of the balance in my account is taken. It took nearly Rs. 30 for news accessing. It is heard that it is free. How is it done ? Is it channels free and (used WIFI) and vodafone charging ….? How is that as it was not done by vodafone sim , but only through the set….
    Please suggest.

    • Yogesh Patel

      Your carrier Vodafone is charging for the data used by you.

  • imran

    Hi fnds I hav purchased a new beetel majiq tab its operates on android I m a new user of android tablet of 7″ inches I wanna watch mobile tv in my android tab how can I see can any one tell me…. thnxx in advance fnds regards imran from India Andhra Pradeshh…….

  • deepak

    will this application work in samsung galaxy y mobile

    • NeaL Pradeep

      You need to try the same, we havent checked it!

      • deepak

        do you check on another mobile? please let me know

        • Yogesh Patel

          This is only available in Galaxy Tab which are sold in India.

  • Saurav

    will this application work in samsung galaxy s2

    • Yogesh Patel

      No, not available on Galaxy S II phone.

  • Michael Waldo

    Will this work for the 7in tablet?

    • NeaL Pradeep

      yes it will work!

    • Yogesh Patel

      Not sure whether it will work for 7 inches version of the same but this comes preinstalled on Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets which are sold in India.

  • Ricardo

    Hi there, I have a Galaxy 10.1 tab but apparently mimobi was not pre-installed in mine (also not mobile TV). I tried looking for it at the market but no luck. Any idea how I can get it?

    • Yogesh Patel

      Which country are you from? In India it comes preinstalled.

      • Ricardo

        Australia, I got it from Vodafone before Apple’s injuction.

        • Yogesh Patel

          Then maybe you might not get Live TV, since this comes preinstalled on Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablets which are sold in India.