Apple to bring its first AR Product by Q4 2019 – Report

According to a new report from Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is said to be working on manufacturing an AR headset or an AR glass by the end of 4th Quarter of 2019. Yes, this will be some exciting news for all the fanboys of Apple which has been showcasing its AR capabilities with its high-end iPhones and iPad devices at the Keynotes and WWDC events. These AR products from Apple might be the first but they would rely completely on iPhone and the product itself would be an accessory similar to Apple Watch.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo reports the AR products will be in mass production by the end of this year and will be available by the second quarter of 2020. He also said that Apple products will be acting as a display all the AR computing will be happening on the iPhone only. Furthermore, Apple’s next bionic chipset is said to be A13 Bionic chip will be more compelling and will be handling the battery issues that will be raised with the AR products.

The chipset could also improve the other features like location services, computing, internet connectivity and a few more. These AR products would likely be connected to the Apple device like the Apple Watch seamlessly to give its services. Although it is not clear on the design of these AR products which could be with a headset or glasses. It should be slimmer and lighter compared to other AR products in the market with some new features.

It is going to be interesting to know what Apple has planned for its future for AR products and for that we need to wait few more days, in fact, few more months when we will actually start knowing more things about these AR devices. Well, are you interested to get these products? Can Apple bring new technology along with them? Share your views by Commenting in the section below and stay tuned to Android Advices for more similar updates

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