Archos 101 G9 Android 3.1 Honeycomb Tablet with 720p Camera

Archos LogoTill now it was only Samsung Galaxy 10.1 who was ruling all the charts when we talked of a smart tablet with a more than 10 inched sized screen, but now the things have changed and the tables have turned around as with the arrival of Archos. If you ask me on what i will choose at the start then obviously one would choose none other than Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 but am sure after reading this article you will change your mind and you will sure be tempted to buy an Android tablet which is not only affordable but also is equally good looking tablet at par with what Samsung Galaxy TAB is.Archos 101 G9 Image

So, in this due course of the article we will see on what are the salient features this tablet sported with and also most importantly this tablet is the Wi Fi only version but with the help of the Archos Stick which comes at an additional accessory with which when connected you can experience the 3G internet right on your Archos tablet which is the best part to surf internet on the move as Wi Fi can’t be carried with us and is also not convenient way to access the Internet.

Archos will also launch the pay as you go pricing strategy which is one step ahead than what incumbent manufacturers have been doing till now. Since all these are a part of the company’s blueprint in the future plan, the exact date on by which these all will be available will be difficult to say but soon it will be unveiled but till now this device will be a Only Wi Fi device which is not at all bad considering the fact that it almost costs the half which is charged by the Samsung for its Galaxy Tab 10.1 inched tablet.

If you though that this is less powered in the specifications then you will have to give this thought a break,  as this one not only comes with the latest Honeycomb 3.1 version of Android operating version. Talking of the hardware specifications then this phones comes along with the 1.5 GHz dual core A9 Cortex OMAP 4 Processor which is among the fastest processors and the buck doesn’t stop here either as it also is loaded with the 16 GB of internal memory storage along with an optional 250 GB of Seagate HDD Storage device. Adding to the list this one has also got a 720p front facing camera along with the HDMI output and Kick stand which makes the movie viewing experience a truly remember able moment.

Last but not the least when it comes to the pricing then this tablet costs $ 349 which is way less than the on which Samsung charges for its tablets and products. So, next time when you go out to buy a smart tablet then don’t forget to keep this in mind. This tablets also draws off the barrier which of late has been the talk of the town which is “Tablets are only a Luxury Gadget”. This line stands cancelled from now as Archos launched an all new tablet which comes with just a sticker price of $ 349.