Giveaway #6 – Win 5 Asus Google Nexus 7 Tablets

Win Google Nexus 7 TabletsAs promised earlier, we would keep giving away different Devices on Android Advices and end these giveaway’s with a video proof based selected to ensure that the lucky winner is selected randomly. This time the plan is different because we are not going to giveaway one device but a total of 5 different devices on a weekly basis so the chances of your winning increases. You just have to check out this blog every week and do the daily tasks mentioned and get into the chance of winning these amazing gadgets which would be shipped to your home for free.

This is again a International Opportunity where in the winner would be selected in random and this time you have a special way of increasing your entries. You can go through the steps mentioned in the following widget and once you complete all of them, your entry is confirmed. Don’t forget that you just have to go through a few tasks and win these Jelly Bean Android Tablets.

Every week the giveaway would start off again and we would select the winners when all these 5 weekly giveaway’s are completed. Let us know if you have any queries.

Update : The giveaway has ended and we now have the results of the giveaway mentioned below in the video. You can check out the Winner Selection and Congratulate them.

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