Auto Upload Photos & Videos to Dropbox from Android

DropSnapIf you are among those users who take a lot of pictures on your mobile and if they are tired of manually transferring your photos the PC then you are at the right place to discover the right information on how you can make upload of photos to Dropbox from your Android mobile phone automatic. Yes, the process is completely automatic. All this is possible because of DropSnap Android application.

Dropbox is an online services which provides free to share, access and upload photos, videos and files from anywhere through any platform on any device. On the other side DropSnap is an Android application which act as the medium to transfer files from your Android mobile phone to your DropBox account automatically. With this application you would be automatically upload photos and videos that you take on your Android mobile phone to your Dropbox account. Regardless of your free or paid Dropbox account you can use this app. Not just the photos that you take from your mobile phone are sync with Dropbox but they too are sync on to your Dropbox folder. Just download the app on your mobile phone, configure it and there you are.

The App says they sync only pictures, but I have tested with various others files and all of them are easily added to the sync process and they were successfully transferred to my Dropbox cloud storage account. This app features the custom rules to manage how the media is synced, enable disable syncing and Sync only over WiFi.

This has been a splendid tool for instant upload of photos and videos to your DropBox account so that you can access it from anywhere, any place at any point of time.

Setting up Auto Upload Photos & Videos to Dropbox

Follow the simple procedure to auto upload photos to your Dropbox readily available on your PC.

  1. Visit from your Android mobile phone browser and install the DropSnap app on your mobile phone.
  2. Open the application, it will ask you for your Dropbox login details. Make sure you enter it perfectly and don’t worry about the security.
  3. Once you are done with that you will be presented with the front interface of DropSnap on your mobile phone which looks like – DropSnap
  4. As you see in the image, you have four options – Manage Rules, Purchase, Help and Settings. We are not much worried about purchasing this app, however you can purchase it for automatic upload of files and sync (it should be done manually in free app). So Purchase and Help options are of not much use and concern to you.DropSnap
  5. Click on Manage Rules > Android Pics > and you would be provided with the option to provide SD card location where your picture are stored when taken and your Dropbox location where pictures would get transferred on the cloud storage. When you have provided those two options you can click on Save.DropSnap
  6. Come back to the main interface and then click on Settings where you just need to verify your settings with the DropSnap and Dropbox. It includes sync interval which can be chosen from 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours and 6 hours and the upload notifications. The settings are done now and you can see  DropSnap at work.DropSnap
  7. Whenever you have a picture taken from your camera or any files are moved to the location where your pictures are stored, it will be ready for upload to DropSnap at your chosen interval.


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