Automatically Save any MMS you receive on Android Devices

There are several ways in which you can save picture or attachment which is in your Inbox, one of them is to select the attachment, long press on it and options will appear to save it. This is available in most of the smartphones but what if its not available on your phone. Android Market is the place where you can find a handful of application each dedicated for its own significant work. There are many applications available based on MMS and to download attachment from multi media messages, one particular application called ‘Save MMS’ is the famous and the free one.

Save MMS

Save MMS is an Android application which allows you to automatically save your MMS attachments on to your phone whenever you get them. When you get MMS from the sender, you would like to save it. You can save attachments like pictures, audio and video from your MMS containing text directly on to your SD card. It’s developed by Andrew Schwimmer, who also developed the paid application called ‘AutoSave MMS’. Save MMS is among those limited application available for free download as many other are paid ones.

Save MMS App

The Save MMS creates a folder in your SD card to save the attachment that you download in ‘SavedMMS’ folder. Although you can change or create a new folder to add those MMS files. Also you have the option to save those downloaded attachment in order of your preferences either in ascending or descending order. These options are available once you open the application and click on Settings.

Save MMS AppGood to have this application on the phone and if you are like me who keeps forgetting, don’t beat yourself and ask the person to resend the MMS as this application will do it for you without much of the work done at your end.

Save MMS App

Save MMS Download

The Save MMS Android application can be downloaded from Android Apps Labs which is available for free distribution on Android phones. What you have to do is to visit the Android Apps Labs page and click on Install button at Save MMS and the application would be automatically installed on your Android phone with a file size of just 74kb. That’s it; you are just click away to use this application.

Android Advices Application Rating – 4.5 / 5

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