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How to Backup Stock Rom with ClockworkMod ROM Manager

ClockworkMod ROM ManagerHappy news for all those who are eagerly waiting for the generalized procedure to get back to their original stock ROMs. Finally, we are ready with the detailed steps which helps you to restore the original stock ROM on the mobile. In this article, we are providing the restoring technique using the nandroid backup. It is always advisable to make a backup of your original stock ROM, so that it will be very helpful to you, in case of any damage to your phone because of any custom ROMs or any firmware updates. By making a backup of your OS, you can restore it at anytime you need.

Disclaimer: androidadvices.com is not at all responsible in case of any device damage, so we kindly request you to follow the process carefully.

Root the phone:
The first and most important point to consider is, in order to backup the stock ROM, your phone should have root access. So, first of all root your phone and then start this process of backup. Rooting has many advantages and only thing to worry about is, it voids the warranty. So, root your phone and get back to this procedure to move further.

Download ROM Manager for nandroid:
Once your phone has got root access, you are ready to start the process of backing up your stock ROM. We use nandroid application for the backup process and there are various methods available for nandroid and we use “ClockworkMod ROM manager” application. This application can be used only in the rooted phones. So, rooting is a mandatory step to create a backup of your stock ROM using this process. To get the ROM Manager, just search the market and download it on to your phones.

Install recovery Image:
Once you done with the downloading ROM Manager, you need to install Recovery Image for your phone. ROM manager searches the specific Recovery Image for your phone and for that you need to tap on flash ClockworkMod Recovery as shown in the figure below. Just confirm your specific model and move on to install the Recovery Image.

Backup your phone:
After finishing the installing of recovery image, you are ready to make a backup of your phone. Tap on the “Backup Current ROM” as shown below, then the phone will reboot and starts backing up of your phone on to the SD card. Once all the backup is done, the phone boots into normal mode. You can find the backup in your SD Card under the path of clockworkmod-backup. Now, you can store this backup anywhere you want.

Restore Your phone:
So, now if some thing went wrong in any of the custom ROM you are running, then you can restore this original stock ROM very easily. To do this just open the ROM Manager on your phone and select “Manage and Restore Backup”. Then click on “Restore”, the phone boots and you will get back to your original stock ROM.

If you got any issues in the process, kindly mention them under the comments section below and we always try to provide the best solutions for it.


  1. screen’s stuck on the android lying on its back with an exclamation mark in a red tiangle in the middle of its open chest. what could’ve been the problem? this appeared right after i clicked backup current ROM and the phone went off. Hope u can help. Thanks

  2. Hi guys, do you have anyone EUROPEAN VESION OF ORIGINAL HTC EXPLORE A310E
    ROM? I forgot to back up.. please send it to me if u can.. soundguy at seznam.cz


  3. when will the LG Spectrum be supported?

  4. I have a Lenovo LePhone running 2.3.7 In the Flash Clockwork recover this phone isn’t listed. How do I get around this? Thank you.

  5. I have installed Premium ClockworkMod on my Galaxy S2 after rooting it.

    When I try to back up my default ROM the phone boots into recovery mode

    Please help

  6. hi i tried to backup my currrent rom (xt311) but phone never rebooted. pls pls pls give me a solution.

  7. Hi,

    I did a backup of my current stock rom on SG2, installed cyanogen rom, but when I want to restore the backup with rom manager, It’s still boot Cyanogen. When I launch the restore via CWM it says “error while flashing boot image”. Any help ?


  8. my Galaxy Gio wont work
    i try to backup and then the device shutdown and wont turn on plz help me !

  9. I downloaded this in my rooted fit running 2.3.6 DDKTi
    but whn i tap on flash CW recovery… then a list of devices pop up.. but the things is that.. i cant find my device in that list!
    please help me out with this!! :/

  10. Clockworkmod dos not flash a new ROM on my droid3, neither does it back-up the existing ROM. It just restarts normally every time. I followed all the steps carefully. I can’t actually boot in recovery either. Can anyone help PLEEEEAAASE? Thanks.

  11. I tried to back up my rooted HTC wildfire Running Android 2.2.1
    Tried two times to back up room but screen only whent black.
    tried it again today and it rebooted and showed progresbar.
    made a backup of my stock ROM and after that an download and installation of Cyanogenmod -

    Big difference in speed and performance.

  12. I am new to all of this. I have an htc sensation 4g on tmobile. I have used revolutionary to root it, intakes clockwork recovery and have superuser. The phone is definitely rooted. I would like to try a custom room but want to be able to get back to stock if I don’t like it. I have followed all the procedures on here (error obviously restore) and all worked great and I have a backup. My question is I’ve read to install a stock rom (by other means than your backup, like finding and downloading the stidk somewhere else for those that didn’t backup) you have to have done the adb thing which I haven’t done. Does this apply to re-installing your backup as well? Without doing the adb part will my stock backed up room flash back on if needed with this method? Sorry I’m very new, I’ve never done any of this before. Also do custom roms already have to android market on them already? Sorry this may sound stupid, I’m just trying to cover my based and questions before I try anything

  13. I’m also getting the same error on my Galaxy S2 (rooted) when trying to backup the current ROM. I’m using ROM Manager v4.8.1.4.

  14. Hi,

    I’ve tried to backup my stock ROM on my Creative ZEN Touch 2, so that I could use a better and more stable Custom ROM (The stock ROM SUCK!), but when I select “Flash ClockworkMod Recovery”, *of course*, my device is not listed! “<<

    What can I do? My ZEN does have potential, a great processor, but the firmware by the manufacturer is buggy, and I can't use the real potential of my device! It almost died because of this crappy unstable firmware, today! :(

    Please help!

  15. hay i tried to backup my stock (current)ROM by CWM. ph was reboot .there is only samsung logo and din’t boot into normal mode .i tried to take into recovery mode. nothing was happen .other ways to remove CWM are in normal mode. help me all

  16. I cant backup my current rom, i get the “!” with the android. HELP!

    LG Ally


    Root access

    • I got the same and pressed the power button. Then it gives you a list of options. Select by pressing up or down volume. Then press home button to enter.

  17. After selecting manage and restore backups the screen only show the title it do not give me any other option.

  18. Hi,

    I am trying to take backup but its just reboots into the recovery and then Android with Exclamation mark comes and then nothing. How to take backup of the ROM ?




        • ok. i got it here.
          press VOLUME UP + POWER button to get the recovery screen.
          but then again i got an error while installing update.zip
          signature verification failed!

  19. I have an HD 2 running on android 2.2 , the my when I tap on buck up current Rom , my phone just reboots in a normal way and no buck up occurs .

  20. Sorry, posted the above to the wrong site, but hey, if anyone has any answers for me that would be really helpfull, thanks.

  21. I know this is ment to work, but on my S2 it will only boot into Samsung 3e recovery and no matter what i do I will always get sig fail error. I found a modded version of the 3e recovery where the sig verification has been turned off, so followed instructions to replace the file which is ment to live in /system/bin/ according to “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkMo8rBehHg” . No recovery file in that location on my phone. I did search with root explorer and found recovery file in /sbin/ renamed it, pasted in modded recovery file and rebooted. Ran CWM, went to back up ROM and still 3e recovery failed sig verification. went back to /sbin/ and the modded recovery file had been replaced with the standard one again. Please someone help get around this problem.
    My phone is rooted with S2root and is running stock rom, PDA:XWKI4 Phone:XXKI1 CSC:XEUKH2

  22. Would like this

  23. Hello.. I installed rom manager few weeks back and went straight into backup rom (backup folder created)..
    I tried above step but 2nd stage my phone went into recovery mode to backup but stopped with message ‘signature verification failed’.??
    Also looking at rom manager folder created update. zip file.??

  24. Great!!! now, question, how can I check if there is an official 2.3.4 ROM for my Galaxy S? and if it exist, how can I update to it if Kies tells my XXJP (2.3.4 downloaded here)? is there a way to trick Kies? or…. is there a way to get an official stock ROM around?

  25. Cool Trick………my friend applied….!! works well

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