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Best HTC One S Smart Phone Extended Batteries

HTC One S is small brother of HTC One X smart phone launched in the competition to Samsung Galaxy S II in the price of Rs 20,000 or more. One S is seen with wide range of features and functionalities to access. Many of the features we need to access it continuously and since this device features 4.3 inches LCD screen and has 1650 mAh battery, if you are using the A GPS or video recording on your camera, you can quickly run out of less battery on your phone, sometime with no battery too.

If you are a frequent traveler then buying an extended battery will increase the life time of your mobile phone and you don’t run out of the battery whenever you require. Most of the smart phones today needs to be charged every day or once in two days. So having a backup of battery extenders can be fruitful in coarse of times. Here we go through some of the amazing list of extended batteries and make your choice among the below listed ones.

You can also check the list of the cases and covers and the screen protectors for your HTC One S smart phone that you have, there by provide complete protection to your device.

RAVPower Dynamo On the Go RP PB03 5600 mAh External Battery
RAVPower RP PB03 is with 2 top rated 2800 mAh battery cells making a total capacity of 5600 mAh provides enough run time of atleast 6 hours for your HTC One S smart phone. It can be carried easily to any place and it allows access to all the feature of your device with any power interruption.

This features a compact and portable design ensures that you have on the go experience and it can be giant and powerful inside. 4 intelligent LED status bar indicates the current status of your battery and there is flashlight for the night usage and darkness for day usage.
RAVPower DynamoFeatures

  • Capacity of 5600 mAh
  • Also includes 7 connectors for most phones
  • 4 intelligent LED status bar indicators
  • 6 hours of extra battery life
  • 30 hours of extra talk time
  • 140 hours of extra music
  • Automatically power off function in 20 seconds

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Naztech Universal 2200 Mah Micro USB Extended Battery Power BankNaztech Universal 2200 Mah Micro USB Extended Battery Power Bank
Naztech Universal power bank is with 2200 mAh battery capacity extends the battery life of your HTC One S smart phone whenever you require. This device is capable to allow flexibility in charging of your device on the go.


  • Extends Battery Life
  • Compact & Simple To Use
  • 2200 mAh of Power
  • Micro USB Cable Included
  • LED Battery Life Indicators

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EZOPower 5000 mAh Universal External Rechargeable Backup Battery
EZOPower 5000 mAh is a light weight battery extender for HTC One S smart phone. This is the perfect solution for emergency power need on the go for your One smart phone. It includes built in battery which can be recharged using the USB cable.
EZOPower 5000 mAh Universal External Rechargeable Backup BatteryFeatures

  • 2 LEDs with 3 color indicates battery capacity
  • 2 USB Port to charge up to 2 devices at the same time
  • Integrated microchip to prevent overheating
  • Weight only 150 grams

ReVIVE Series Rapid GoCharge 2000mAH External Battery
ReVIVE Series Rapid GoCharge 2000mAH External Battery allows you to charge your One S smart phone in times when needed also along with another USB device as well. This is a handy, versatile and powerful device with 2,000 Mah battery capacity providing approximately 3.5 hours of talk time and it includes built in LED flashlight.

ReVIVE Series Rapid GoCharge 2000mAH External BatteryFeatures

  • Charges USB Devices including One S phone
  • Micro USB & Mini USB cables included
  • Convenient LED Flashlight Function
  • Includes 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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Anker Astro 5600mAh Backup External Battery

Anker Astro 5600mAh Backup External Battery are with high capacity of 5600 mAh battery with 22 hours of talk time or 200 hours of audio playback. These are compact in design and supports portability so that you can charge your phone whenever you get time anywhere, anytime.

Anker Astro 5600mAh Backup External BatteryFeatures

  • 5600 mAh strong battery life batteries
  • 500+ recharge cycles
  • 4 LED notifications which shows Battery state
  • Flashlight for darkness and night usage

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Anker Astro 3 10000 mAh Dual 2A External Battery Backup
Anker Astro 3 dual 2A external battery is with 10,000 mAh large capacity extended battery which can allow 3 to 4 times charging for your HTC One S smart phone. This is very good if you are traveling to a place where you don’t have power. What more interesting is that even though this is with higher battery specifications, this is portable and stylish as well and it can easily fit in to your bags.

Astro 3Functions

  • 10000 mAh huge capacity
  • Charge HTC One S for 3 to 4 times
  • 500 + recharge cycles over the life of the battery
  • 12 connectors for most phones, 6 laptops connectors
  • 1 USB cable

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So do let us know which one of these did you like for your HTC One S smart phone and do let us know via the comments section below.

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