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Best Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 Screen Protectors

The Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 is the first device with phone and tablet combo. Galaxy Note is the currently trending device and the best Android phone to experience rich Android features. The Galaxy Note has amazing 5.3 inches Super AMOLED HD touch screen display and it also introduces the S Pen which is just like Stylus but offers you to do lot more things than just the stylus. The phone includes the 8 mega pixel camera and 2 mega pixel front facing camera.

Its powered with 1.4 Ghz dual core processor and comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread Operating system, expected that Ice Cream Sandwich of this phone will arrive very soon. We have previously gone through the Galaxy Note Cases and covers, Skins & protectors, battery life tips and comparison with Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Motorola Droid Razr and with Galaxy S2 phone. In this article we will go through best Skins and stickers for the Galaxy Note to make it perfectly suitable for the environment where you work.

ArmorSuit Military Shield-Screen Protector + Skin Protector Shield Full Body for Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy NoteArmorSuit-Military Shield is best suited for Samsung Galaxy Note which provides ultimate protection from UV rays and permanent marks on the device. Its ‘self-healing’ technology repairs minor scratches on the screen by itself. The thin filmy material is of a high quality as found in military aircrafts and space shuttles. It is said to be absolutely a perfect shield as it protects the device from moisture, painting materials, cement and other environmental hazards.


  • Suitable fitting for the device
  • The kit provides installation card, application solution, instruction manual, micro-fiber cloth and ArmorSuit Lifetime Replacement Warranty
  • Clear, visible appearance without sticky substance
  • Protection from permanent marks of scratches
  • Self-repairing technology with highly sophisticated military material
  • Shield against environmental pollution and other harmful substances
  • Easy application and peel off without sticky marks
  • Perfect match for Samsung Galaxy Note

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RealLook Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note, Anti-Glare 2-PK

Realook Screen ProtectorToday’s market demands screen protectors with ultimate durability where RealLook Screen Protector proves to be the best; ideally suited for Samsung Galaxy Note. The standard PET materials used to avoid glare and fingerprints are said to be of high-quality. The 3H coating avoids scratches and air bubbles. It provides tinted protection with the thin filmy substance. It is easily washable and can be reused without any marks on the screen.


  • High quality film to avoid scratches and fingerprints
  • Anti-glare, easy sliding with PET materials
  • Tinted protection without changing the usability of touch screen
  • 3H coating provides ultimate strength to the surface
  • Easy to apply, wash and reuse without air bubbles or sticky marks
  • Installation manual with accessories

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PDair Ultra Clear Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000

Pdair Screen Protector Galaxy NotePDair Ultra Clear Screen Protector is one among the most sophisticated screen protectors particularly suitable for Samsung Galaxy-Note GT-N7000. It’s thin filmy layer provides ultimate protection from scratches and other marks. Easy to apply and remove without any sticky residue.


  • Transparent and thin-film with high- quality to avoid scratches and fingerprints
  • Ultimate protection from fingerprints and scratches
  • Easy application without leaving sticky residue
  • Most sophisticated with incredible clarity

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2X at FoliX FX-Clear Invisible screen protector for Samsung Galaxy Note

Folix Screen ProtectorThe FX-Clear-Protection foil provides the best service with its high range of transparency and resistance suited to the requirements Samsung Galaxy Note. Easy to apply, wash and reuse it without leaving any sticky marks on the screen. It avoids fingerprints and also acts as a repellent from dirt. Long-term protection is guaranteed.


  • The ultra-coated, high-quality foil best fits Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Made with a Laser-cutting technology in Germany
  • Free from scratches and other marks
  • Transparent, clear without air bubbles, providing ultimate protection
  • Easy application to add, wash and reapply without any sticky residue
  • Installation manual with accessories providing lifetime protection

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Skinomi TechSkin- Screen Protector Shield for Samsung Galaxy Note

Skinomi Screen ProtectorSkinomi TechSkin proves to be the best in the production of high range screen protectors, skins, covers and cases. The screen protector, having prepared with ultimate quality from thermoplastic urethane film usually used in military aircrafts and space shuttles, is known for its clarity. It avoids scratches and other marks on the screen. It provides UV protection and doesn’t allow the color to change to yellow. Easy to apply and remove without any residue.


  • An ultimate fit for Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Provides high resistance from scratches and other marks
  • Easy application and peel off without sticky marks left on the screen
  • Made from thermoplastic urethane film as used in military aircraft’s and shuttles
  • Smooth, clear and transparent in appearance
  • Lifetime Replacements offered by the manufacturer

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