Microsoft, Xiaomi and few other manufacturers are looking to acquire BlackBerry

Today a new rumour was floating on the internet about the acquisition of BlackBerry. For the readers, this is not the first time we are listening about BlackBerry acquisition, earlier there are rumours about Apple, Lenovo and Samsung are trying to acquire BlackBerry. Now Microsoft, Xiaomi, Huawei are added to that list of companies.


Microsoft along with Chinese manufacturers Xiaomi, Huawei and Lenovo are indicated as the potential investors for BlackBerry. Even Microsoft has also requested Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs to evaluate a potential acquisition deal. All this rumours came out after Blackberry exceeding the estimated profits by investors for the previous quarter. Last Friday, the stocks of BlackBerry jumped 3% on the rumour of Microsoft looking to purchase the company.

Microsoft last year purchased the Nokia’s Device Division for $7.17 billion. Even till to the date Microsoft interest on BlackBerry is not known. BlackBerry has a lot of mobile patents and IoV (Internet of Vehicles) patents, which might be the reason lot companies are looking at the Canadian company.

Following the corporate restructure of Blackberry by its CEO John Chen, the recent speculations about the company might make him think that they were on the right track. By its new launch of devices, BlackBerry may not think to give up the race so early. For Chinese manufacturers, they may think of expanding their presence in US and European markets with this deal. We will keep you updated if there is any new development occurs.


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