BlackBerry and Samsung partners to provide mobile security – Details

BlackBerry has made a deal with Samsung that will offer BlackBerry’s mobile security on Samsung’s Android-powered devices. BlackBerry and Samsung, the world’s No. 1 smartphone maker, will offer a “highly secure mobility solution” for Samsung’s Android devices starting in early 2015. Services will include malware protection and new encryption standards.

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BlackBerry is looking to rebuild its business, by winning back the business and government customers that contributed to the company’s growth during its pinnacle. BlackBerry and Samsung will split the revenue from these sales, but the companies didn’t disclose how. The Blackberry’s market share has dwindled to single digits in a fiercely competitive smartphone market.

The agreement is an endeavour to improve the attractiveness of Knox, which has, thus far, failed to make headway in the government and enterprise sectors. While some Galaxy devices have been certified for government use, estimates place their sale at roughly 2 percent of Samsung’s total market share.

The news comes the same day the Canadian smartphone maker unveiled its latest BlackBerry Enterprise Service 12 or BES12 software. BES12 works on non-BlackBerry operating systems, including iOS, Windows and Android, which is used by Samsung devices. That means BlackBerry can win business from sales of the software even if business customers don’t use its devices.

Security is multi-layered with BES12, which “leverages advanced encryption, containerization, application wrapping, and BlackBerry’s secure global network infrastructure” to offer what the company claims is the most secure EMM platform on the market.

BES12 is just one part BlackBerry’s overall portfolio of enterprise security and device management solutions, which also includes software products for identity and access management, as well as communications and collaboration tools.

Blackberry also announced a BES12 deal with Brightstar, the world’s largest wireless distribution company, and a tie-up with business software company that will let clients in healthcare and other regulated industries that use Salesforce software securely access data via the BlackBerry platform. BlackBerry is also bringing a string of improvements to its existing products, including mobile video-conferencing via its messaging app and the ability to divide usage costs between employer and employee.

Source –  BlackBerry

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