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How to Block Children from Buying Inappropriate Apps from Android Market

Parents should control their children by taking what they do and they don’t. From limiting them to access porn on the web to using the smartphones, as a parents you should be careful enough. One thing I should praise Amazon Kindle Fire tablet is that though it doesn’t have access to Android official Play Store instead it routes you to use Amazon Apps Store, it loaded with content filters which is safe to use for all the users.

Android Play Store previously known as the Android Market, contains both paid and free applications. If you have linked up your Google Wallet or Credit card then you can easily purchase those apps within no time. It’s really good, one time add Credit Card and you are automatically linked up to purchase apps. But this might be a downside if your children gets hang of your phone and purchases any application. Parents who want to prevent their children from buying inappropriate apps in the Android Play Store have to go with the following settings –

  • Launch Android Play Store on your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Tap on Menu and go through Settings.Google Play Menu
  • Tap on Content filtering and this is the option to set content filtering level to restrict app which can be downloaded.Content Filtering
  • You need to uncheck the type of applications which you want to hide and you can find four ratings like Everyone, Low maturity, Medium maturity, High maturity. When you are done tap on OK.Content levels
  • The above settings are enough for you to change the content filtering levels but without settings a PIN to it any one can change it, maybe its your kids smart enough to change it without your notice.
  • Its up to the users whether they want to set the pin or not but we recommended to setup PIN. After setting up the PIN, if you are buying any application you would be asked to provide the PIN and there by preventing you from purchasing of the apps.
  • The PIN option is just located just below content filtering.Setup a PIN
  • Tap on it and it will ask you to provide a 4 digit PIN. When you are done tap on OK.Setting up PIN
  • You would be once again asked to re type to confirm your new PIN.
  • Now you have to tap on Use Pin for purchases, which will ensure that whenever you purchase any apps, it will be asking for the PIN, failing to provide correct PIN will not allow any users to download paid app.Use PIN for purchases
  • You would see that just above content filtering there is the option of Unlock settings. Now in case in future if you want to unlock these settings on your phone or tablet, you need to restart your phone and you will see Unlock Settings at the same path of Android Play Store > Menu > Settings open for you.Unlock Settings
  • That’s it, done. This was all about preventing unwanted purchases from Android Play Store.

I am sure you would have easily understood this and if you have anything to say or comment, please feel free to do that. And spread the reach d of Android Advices through Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

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