Block or Hide Android Market to Avoid Accidental Purchases with Advanced App Locker

Android Market logoIt has not so been long that Android has just started its journey and within no time it has evolved as the widely used operating system for mobile phone and tablet PCs. Android operating system allows users to download applications, widgets, tools and games via Android Market, now called as Google Play Store. Over the time Google Play Store has been evolved to the current needs of the users. Until now users comments and complaints about the hassle of buying Android applications but as the time passed, Play Store has been evolved and it has been more user friendly.

One of the useful features Google has rolled out to the Play Store is it easy to understand in app purchases. It’s so easy that even a first time user can purchase an Android application if it’s paid one unlike the other OS marketplace which requires many things from the user end. Thanks to Google services like Google Checkout which makes it easier of linking your credit card for safer use. But just wait we hear a lot more stories and questions form the users that they have accidentally purchased an application. Users let their young ones to play games on their phones and they aren’t familiar enough that few might ask for real money. Remember that unwanted purchases are loss of money to you and these purchases cannot be refunded unless you get in touch or complain to the developers with a genuine complain of non-working or fault of the application, wherein chances are less. So did you even end up billing unwanted for any Android applications either by you or by your kid?

Here in this article we are exploring the ways by which as parents you can guard your children from such kind of occurrence. Follow the methods below and avoid your unwanted out cash flow.

Block Android Market

With Seal Android application you can protect any Android application which is installed on your phone with a password or pattern lock so that no body else can use it and if you are using it, you need to enter the set password or the pattern lock.

Seal Protection

Seal Android application is available at $ 3 nearly. The security which is missed on your Android phone is covered with Seal Android application.Seal Android App

As soon as you install Seal Android applications on your phone, it will ask you to set password the pattern lock code. Once that is done, you need to select the Android application in the next screen to whom you need to apply those password or patter lock code. So if the Android Play Store is locked in Seal until the person approaches you, he can’t open an application and buy without you say.

Another application we look down is the Advanced App Locker which works more or less same as Seal. Its very clear working of Seal but Advanced App Locker will make users fool with force close dialogs or with just blank screen. If any unknown person is trying to purchase an application this will application will stop them with a broken page and the only way to unlock is the tap the corner of the screen for a predetermined times to open the app. Now that predetermined time to tap on the corner is set by the phone owner. The Advanced App Locker is available for $2 and there is a free version also but its missing several options like custom text lock screens.

Remove Credit Card Details from Google Check Out

Google CheckoutGoogle’s officially launched Google Checkout long back even before the Android launch. The Android Play Store is connect with your Google Checkout and if you are among those users who don’t even buy a lot of apps then you don’t probably use Google Checkout much. When you setup your phone or add a Google account to your phone, the phone by default will ask you for certain details to be filled and in that one of the part is the Google Checkout wherein you need to provide your Credit Card details. If those are entered you can directly purchase Android applications on your mobile phone on the go. It’s so easy, click on purchase and done. If you are looking to block unwanted applications purchases then please consider removing your Credit Card details from the Google Checkout.

To remove Credit Card from your Google Checkout, head over to Google Check out web page and then on the left side of the screen find and click the option of ‘Edit Payment details’. Follow through the link and you will get a list of your account, just remove your credit card and carrier information using the delete button. So this way when you are purchasing applications intentionally or unintentionally Android Play Store will pull the information directly from the Google Checkout site. So if you have no credit card added in the Google Checkout you can buy applications. Simple and easy!

The method feasible enough for general purpose use and most advised by us is to use the Seal application to lock down the individual applications as this is not only effective but makes the task easier and automated along with the privacy of your applications as well.

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