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Buy Amazon Kindle Fire 2 Years Warranty & Accident Protection upto 3 Claims

Protection Plan LogoWhile device manufactures are continuously focusing on manufacturing new products so that they can deliver best of the class products which are technologically very ahead, the marketing team seems to buck up in their space as well by trying to bring value added plans so that they can create value for the device launched. In a similar move to this, Amazon now has unveiled a special plan for all those who have pre ordered the Amazon kindle Fire tablets from Amazon wherein one can avail a 2 year protection plan which is provided by the Square trade.

Users who have pre ordered the kindle Fire will be billed for the extended warranty and if this Protection plan is purchased then the warranty won’t get start till the Kindle Fire is shipped. Once its shipped, the warranty will begin. The customers will get the warranty welcome kit in the mail once the Kindle fire is shipped. The only sad part of this is that this offer can only be availed by the US Customers, it cannot be availed by any other Country users. Do let us know your thoughts in this and also report to us if you had any issues in availing this limited period offer.

Warranty Coverage
The 2 years of warranty covers even electrical and mechanical breakdown even after standard 1 year warranty. Also, if any physical damage happens to the Kindle fire then too it’s totally covered it.

With a span of 2 year warranty term, you can avail for a maximum of 3 replacements with no deductibles or fees what so ever. Also, it comes with a hassle free 2 day shipping both ways.

So be it your child knocks it off a table or the dog chews it or the water spills on tis device or if you step ion this Kindle Fire, the warranty will be covered and the device will be replaced for you for FREE.

Who are Applicable to Avail this Offer?
This Offer will be applicable for all those who have pre ordered the Kindle Fire from Amazon in the last 30 days or have a kindle fire in your Cart.

So, if you have made up your mind to protect your Amazon kindle from all possible damages for 2years, then all you need to do is to just click on the below mentioned tab which will take you to the Amazon’s Square trade page. It will cost you $ 44.99 and it’s actually worth it.

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1 Comment

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