How to Buy HP TouchPad Tablet outside US at $99 & $149

How many of you have been trying their best to buy the HP Touchpad Tablet at the decreased offer price of $99 & $149 for 16Gb & 32Gb Model? Here is a small tutorial on how you could order this tablet even if you are not from the United States. The current firesale was made through Amazon, BestBuy, OfficeDepot and few other stores but is almost no where available. We were able to buy one even though we are from India through a third party service which will be discussed below.

To get started you need to first select the store through which you would like to buy the product like the Amazon one below and then proceed with the Best Parcel Delivery Services which would ship any of your products to any of your desired countries. This would generally cost you another $50 around but is still worth the money because the tablet is currently sold at 75% lower price.

HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 16 GB 9.7-Inch Tablet ComputerBuy Now

HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 32 GB 9.7-Inch Tablet ComputerBuy Now

To get started, the HP TouchPad is still available here at a price of $101 which is still available as per their stock information.

HP TouchPad Tablet Deal

Next visit and then search for the HP TouchPad through the BarnesandNoble Store where in you will be able to find that the product is available under the Personal shopper option. Following which the product price would be shown in your local currency. Once the product is added to cart you can find the final confirmation price of the product and you can get this HP Tablet at this firesale price.

Shopyourworld confirmation

All prices shown at the Merchant’s site includes Product Price + Shipping & Handling charges + Insurance. Custom Duties, Taxes and Processing Charges are shown in the Shopping Cart and will only be added when you proceed to checkout. The total amount shown at checkout will be your Fixed Landed Price (FLP). The Fixed Landed Price (FLP) includes shipping costs for weight up to 5kg’s per item and is calculated on volumetric weight or dead weight, whichever is higher. The daily USD / UK Pound exchange rate is subject to change as the exchange rates change between the two countries.


  1. i can’t ger for $99 Please help me sir :(

  2. You are better of not buying the HP TouchPad. 4 days ago, HP announced that they are stopping all developments of webOS and killing the Hp Touch tablet. This is like a going-out-of-business sales. And it makes no sense to spend money on something that the manufacturer has stopped developing.

    • Yeah, HP has stopped developing the TouchPad. But few programmers have managed to port Android 2.3.5 to this TouchPad, so this one would become the cheapest Android Tablet in the market so far.

      And the hardware of TouchPad itself is expensive than the $99, so the device worth its price.

  3. Hi ! i was out of town during this period. Just back to delhi and could not find this deal. Any Chance any where else

  4. hi
    its states the product is out of stock…can u tell me any other offer similar to ot

  5. The deal seems to be gone. Any new update as to where i can get it ?

  6. “A new item is not available”.. My bad luck..

  7. Not currently available