How to Calibrate Android Mobile Phone Battery

Battery CalibrationThe mobile phones are powered by rechargeable batteries included in the mobile phone itself. Most of the mobile phones provide 1 to 3 days of battery life and it depends on what kind of material with which battery is made up of. The Android operating system powered by Google eats up the battery a lot more than any other operating system because in Android there is continuous synchronization of data. If you get more than 24 hours of battery life on your phone then it’s phenomenal.

For those who love to change the ROMs on their phone often, you would be obsessed calibrating your phone’s battery very often. For those who have flashed their mobile handset with custom ROM, they are advised to charge their mobile phone to 100 % battery and then update the firmware. Suppose of if update the firmware if you have 50 % battery life, then the new custom ROM will consider you 50 % battery life as the full battery stats and thus it would provide you half the battery as specified by your phone manufacturer. In such cases the battery calibration is required to gain 100 % battery backup as specified and let us go through some of the basic calibration process.

Android Phone Battery Calibration

Before proceeding to the battery calibration steps you should have Clock Work Recovery installed on your phone and you must be aware on how to get into recovery mode of your phone. For most of the Samsung mobile phone the recovery mode can be accessed by holding the volume UP button, OK button and then holding both simultaneously you need to press the power button until you see the blue screen background on your phone. The video here would be explaining you how to get your phone in recovery mode. For most of HTC handsets you need to hold the volume down button and then press power button.

Here is the procedure to Calibrate your phone Battery -

  • First, you should power off your mobile phone and pull the battery and then re-insert it.
  • Now you should know how to get your mobile phone in recovery mode.
  • Now you need to go to Advanced option where in you would be navigating using the volume up and volume down button and using the power button you would be selecting the option. In the Advanced option would be selecting the ‘Battery Stats’ and then you would have to select “Wipe Cache”. Now that would wipe out the what is taken as 100 % during the custom ROM installation.Recovery Mode

Now to determine the 100 % specified battery life of your phone, it can be achieved in three ways basically –

The Battery Drain Way

  • Drain your phone battery until its fully dead or till it switches off automatically.
  • Now charge your phone normally to the full battery.
  • You must have Clock Work Recovery app installed on your phone, you should reboot to clock work recovery and then wipe the battery stats found under the “Advanced” option and then reboot the phone.Clock Work Recovery Mode
  • Now you should look out the ways to quickly drain out your battery now. So better turn on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hotspot, Wi-Fi, flashlight, camera to make your battery again dead.
  • Now charge your phone normally to the full and you are ready to get extra battery life added to your phone.

Power OFF Charge Method

  • In the Power OFF method you would be charging your phone to 100 % when it’s ON.
  • Unplug the charger from the phone, Power off your phone and then charge it up to 100 % again when it’s on power OFF state.
  • Now again unplug the charger from phone. Power it ON and then charge it again to 100 % while the phone is ON.
  • Unplug the charger and then reboot the phone using the Clock Work Recovery.
  • In Clock Work Recovery options, go to Advanced and then select the clear battery stats options.
  • Power ON and charge the mobile to full, enjoy.


  • When your phone is powered ON, charge the battery until the LED turns BLUE.
  • Unplug the phone from the charger and wait till the LED turns OFF.
  • Now power OFF your phone.
  • When the phone is OFF, plug the charger into the phone and charge it up until the LED turns Blue.
  • Still the phone is OFF and unplug the charger, wait until the LED turns OFF.
  • Now Power ON the phone.
  • Wait until the phone is booted completely and then power OFF the phone again.
  • When the phone is OFF again plug the adapter into your phone and charge it up until the LED turns blue.
  • Now boot your phone in recovery mode and once you see the blue screen, navigate to Advanced option using the volume up and down keys and then choose the option ‘Wipe Battery Stats’.
  • Now Power OFF your phone and use it normally.

Do let us know if you come across any issues during the battery calibration steps and we would try to resolve those issues. You can make use of comment section below to communicate with us and explain your issues clearly.

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