How to Calibrate Android Phone Battery after flashing a New ROM

Battery CalibrateSmartphones are provided with rechargeable batteries which are included in the handset itself. Most of the handset provides complete one day or three days battery life which depends on kind of material used inside it. The Android OS by Google consumes more battery because its designed to continuous synchronize the date though there are steps by which you can optimize the battery life of your cell phone.

For the users who like to try out new ROMs very often or by default Android receives updates to Android very often. These updates re constantly pushed to the users to provide the better experience to the users. For those who flash their mobile handset with custom ROM they are advised to charge their handset to 100 % battery life and then proceed with the upgrade processor. That is advised because if you have 50 % of battery life and proceed with firmware update, the new custom ROM will consider 50 % battery life as the full battery stats and this will provide half the battery life then earlier as specified by your phone manufacturer. In those cases you need to go with the battery calibration to gain 100 % battery backup as specified by your provider. There is complete procedure on how you will calibrate your phone battery is mentioned by us and if you would like to make the process very much easier then you can make use of a specially designed application which calibrates your battery.

Calibrate Android Battery

Battery Calibration is an interesting application available for download on your Android phone. If you think that your phone battery is miscalibrated then with this application on your phone you can recalibrated it to provider longer battery backup life. In most cases battery calibration should be done when you flash with a new ROM but with this application you can do it any time when you think your battery is miscalibrated.

This application will calibrate your phone battery smartly by removing the batterystats.bin system file and thereby generating a freshly new batterystats file soon and therefore any fake information from the previous firmware is removed. Again here you should make sure that you charges your phone to 100 % battery and then hit the calibrate option provided by this application. Also its suggested that you should complete discharge your battery one the calibration is done and then charge it again to get the better results. Also your phone should be rooted or else this application will not work out on your phone or tablet. There is the option of beep when you reach 100 % battery life.

Once you are ready with rooting then you can calibrate your battery in simple four steps –

  1. Plugin your charger to the phone
  2. Wait until it charges to 100 %
  3. Click the option of ‘Battery Calibrate
  4. Now unplug your phone

Battery Calibration Download

The Battery Calibration Android application can be downloaded from Android Apps Labs for free. From your mobile phone, go to your default browser and hit Android Apps Labs search for Battery Calibration and then click on Install to proceed with the installation. Your phone will install the app but you should have your phone rooted to proceed with battery calibration.

Final Verdict

If you think that after ROM upgrade battery life has decreased considerably then you can consider this application to fix the solution as the first aid.

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  1. Sreekant

    March 19, 2012 at 9:21 am

    This app is logically wrong since editing your batterystats.bin file does nothing to improve or reset battery line. Its just a repository to store info on what was using the battery while power off.

    Its explained by a Google Android Engineer, Dianne Hackborn,

  2. abhi

    January 24, 2012 at 6:49 am

    nice app.

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