How to Calibrate Battery for Maximum Life on Android Smart Phones

Calibrate Battery LogoOver a period of time we have seen on how you can taste your different Android phones with the custom ROMs, also in the articles of custom ROMs we have been talking about the calibration of battery which we will see on how exactly you can do the same and also in the due course of this article we will see on what exactly the calibration of battery means to you with its benefits. Please note that this method can only be applied for all those phones whose phones are updated with the custom ROMs. So, lets check out with the help of a short procedure on how you can calibrate your phone’s battery easily with the help of simple instructions below.

Instructions to Calibrate Battery for Maximum Life on Custom ROMs:

  • Once you install the custom ROM in your phone, you need to ensure that you have charged your phone for 3 -4 days of time so that the battery gets aligned to the usage pattern of yours. Ensure that in these 3 – 4 days of time you are not charging till the battery becomes 15 – 20% so as to utilize the full charging cycles.
  • Now, once the battery is charged full after 3 – 4 days, you then need to connect the phone to the computer with the help of USB cable and then connecting the USB cable to the computer, enter into the recovery mode.
  • Now, to enter the recovery mode there are different key pattern which you need to follow for different phones as its different for different phones. Like, for entering into the recovery mode in your Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S2 as well as in the Samsung Galaxy Ace you will have to first turn off your device, long press the volume up key, press Menu as holding both the buttons press the power button to start into the recovery mode.

  • For more on how you can enter into the recovery mode, you can also refer the above video on how you can enter into the recovery mode for your Galaxy S, Galaxy S2 and on Galaxy Ace handsets.
  • Now, once you get into the recovery mode, you will find an option called “Advanced” at the bottom of the list in the recovery mode screen. Once you tap on the same, you will see an option called “Wipe battery Stats”, scroll to the same but don’t select the same to wipe it all. Quickly, remove the USB cable which is connected and then choose the option of “Wipe Battery Stats”.
  • Once it’s done, you will have to reboot the phone by selecting the same after selecting the “Go Back” option in your recovery mode screen. Now, that’s it you need to again do it for 3 -4 times once the phone is fully charged so as to fully ensure that the battery has been calibrated to the 100% charging so that then you will be able to enjoy the most of your battery.
  • Please note that after wiping the battery stats, you need to put your phone to the charger for 30 minutes even after it shows that the phone has been charged to 100%. That’s it you have now successfully calibrated the battery. This is the best way and also is the simplest way with which you can calibrate the battery so as to enjoy the fullest potential of the battery as claimed by the ROM manufacturers. This procedure can be applied to all the custom ROMs like Amestris ROM, Blockbuster ROM, Galaxy S2 ROM, Extra Ordinary ROM and also on other custom ROMs which we have covered the same on

Do let us know if you face any issues while calibrating the battery from the above instructions and also do share us your experience on whether this trick has worked for you or not in the comments section below.


  1. recently i brought brand new MotoG .but now i am getting problem for battery draining ..if gives me up to 4 hr of backup.plz suggest the solution …how to calibrate Moto g

  2. “Now, that’s it you need to again do it for 3 -4 times once the phone is fully charged so as to fully ensure that the battery has been calibrated to the 100% charging so that then you will be able to enjoy the most of your battery.”

    Does this mean you repeat the entire process of charging, discharging and wiping the battery 3-4 times or just 3-4 times charging and discharging and you only wipe it once?

  3. can i use this to caliberate lg optimus 2x?

  4. can i calibrate for galaxy tab p1000???

  5. Neal please tell me, i am having samsung galaxy ace and at the time i play motion sensor games every time it goes left side automatically,even though i did tried to callibrate however the same is thing is happening…..wat to do?????????

  6. Is this way better then simply using Battery Calibration application that you can find on the Market? If yes, then why?? I suppose that Battery Calibrator does the same thing with just one click in the programme. Or am I wrong?


  7. Hi!

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Mini. From what I understand, this phone requires a special ROM. If so, where can I find it?
    Secondly, my battery goes dead in less than 12 hours, although the phone was purchased only 2 weeks ago. I calibrated the phone when I got it ( battery charge of 12 hours then fully discharge – 3 times) yet it can go dead in like 8 hours of stand-by. Do you thing it’s a matter of re-calibrating it or should I go see a service for the phone.

    P.S. If calibrating is the correct step to take, is Battery Calibrate Free App ok to use?

  8. hey .. m rly sry .. bt i kinda gt confused in steps ..

    so lemme get it st ..
    i just flashed my phone wid “2.3.5 Gingerbread XXJVS” ..
    so now i need to calibrate by changing my ph to 100% .. discharging till <15% everytime ..
    n at the end of 100% charge i need to Wipe battery Stats ?

    or i just need to Wipe battery Stats the first time ..
    n den just 100%-15% battery cycle for few days ??

    agn .. m rly sry .. i gt lost reading the steps ..

  9. Neal please explain what exactly is battery calibration..
    I have samsung galaxy s2.. n i need to know if i have to do dis to my fone..


  10. Gracias por la información, me resulta de gran utilidad y provecho.
    Está muy bien explicado el procedimiento.
    En mi caso, precisamente por falta de concreción en anteriores explicaciones de este mismo proceso, lo he realizado siempre incompleto. Motivando que no alcanzase resultados óptimos.
    Un saludo.

  11. is this ok for galaxy mini? Please advice. Tnx

  12. is this ok for galaxy mini? please advice. Tnx.

  13. The pop up that comes on every page giving information about other articles just refuses to go on mobile mode kindly fix it

  14. As soon as i pull out my usb cable my phone turns off, so i don’t get the chance to select ‘go back’ and rebooting.

  15. do we have to repeat the process 3-4 times on the same day or on different days,I have recently updated my galaxy s2 with superfast litening rom.


    • Get a wall-charger for charging your battery externally, and then charge the battery on it. Once the battery is completely charged, put it into your phone and reset the battery calibration.

      Worked for me.

  17. for unlocked galaxy s2, is the rom already the custom one or we need to install another custom rom b4 calibrating the battery?


  18. Why do you require to connect the phone to the computer via usb and then enter in recovery mode ?
    Simply booting into recovery mode and then wiping battery stats is not enough ?

    Point is – while connected to a cumputer via usb and entering into recovery mode is tad diffucult. It simply is booting on.
    Whereas entering into recovery mode when phone is disconnected is easy.

  19. Is this applicable for Sony Xperia Arc?

  20. does this work for htc phones as well
    Im using HTC Wildfire S

  21. Thanks so much for the Instruction

    On the Instruction 6, …” Now, that’s it you need to again do it for 3 -4 times once the phone is fully charged .”…Does it means need to do the same procedure of calibration 3- 4 times ?

  22. Hi, I purchased my Samsung Galaxy Pro in June 2011. I too have been facing the batter problem- easily gets discharged with 3 to 4 hours. Shall follow this procedure you have given or this procedure is suited for brand new versions. I wish to know whether the data I stored in this phone would get deleted during this process?



  23. All of these things to have a custom rom that voids your warranty, i think ill go back to original ones

  24. hii, are there any custom ROMs developed for Galaxy Fit S5670?