Capture Photos on Android in Vintage, B&W, Film Scratch Effects

The photos which you take on your camera remains just the photos but when you add digital effects to it the photos really look great and this is why photos from professional studios looks very good when they have frames, scratch, vintage, fade-in and other effects added to it. When coming to Android phones, now brings the photo editing on your phone as the phones get smarter and technology get updated. You can do basic photo editing on your phone itself after taking the photo or while taking the photo. Android Market has seen more than a dozen of applications like Camera Effects for pre adding amazing effects for the photos that you take and Ultimate Hair Style Try-on. The Retro Camera is an another application which allows you to take delicious old school photos.

The Retro Camera is an Android application which allows you to add various effects to the photos that you take through the camera of your phone. You can add vintage vignetting, film scratch, black and white effects. You can add effects to your existing photos or you can click to take photos from your phone camera. You can use various camera for taking photos.

Retro Camera application

Retro Camera photo

This application also has the option of switching from front camera or the rear camera and most of the users would love to go with the rear camera as it has good camera quality rather than going with the front cam.

Retro Camera

Retro Camera Download

The Retro Camera Android application can be downloaded from Android Apps Labs for free. You have to open the phone browser and visit Android apps labs with search term as Retro Camera. Click on Install button to automatically begin the installation procedure.

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