How to Capture Screenshots in Android Phones Without Rooting

The rooted Android phones have an advantage of getting more access and usage of apps, which are not allowed in the non-rooted phones, but users are pretty conscious about the rooting and would opt against it many a times. In the phones which are not rooted, capturing the screenshots is not possible unless you pay for it, as of now. There is an application called “No Root Screenshot It” which is available at a price of 4.99 USD and can be bought from the Android market.

I would rather root the phone and use the free apps like ShootMe, but still if you thinking spending a few bucks is better than rooting the Android phone, No Root Screenshot It is a good option.

Here is how you can capture screenshots in Non-rooted Android phones -
Buy the No Root Screenshot It app from the Android market, and open it. It wouldn’t allow you to capture screenshots so soon. You need to enable the screenshot capture by doing it from your Windows or Mac computer. Download the software and you would be able to enable or disable the capturing of screenshots. Once you enable it, you would be taken to the screenshot taking page, where you can make changes to the settings.

enable screenshot it windows computer screenshot it settings

The app has a lot of settings, a few of which include -

  • Image format – Selecting between JPG and PNG for the screenshots captured
  • Flip Image – If at all the screenshots appear upside down, you can select this option to make the alignment right
  • Rotate Image
  • Invert colors – The colors can be inverted if you feel the screenshot colors are incorrect
  • Alternate method of screenshot if the screenshot comes out blank
  • Preview after save – You can preview the screenshot instantly once it is saved
  • Save directory – Select a place where the captured screenshots can be saved

screenshot it image settings screenshot it image settings 2

Apart from these options, once the image is captured, you can select to save it directly or crop to a particular section and save only that area. You can share the image directly through email, bluetooth etc. and the other Android phone sharing options just like any other image from the gallery.

No Root Screenshot It crop image no root screenshot it

Here is a video explaining what the Screenshot app does in Non-rooted Android phones -


We have found with our commentators that the pressing of Back and Home key together helps in capturing the screenshots  but we could confirm that on only the HTC Evo, and the Samsung Galaxy S so didn’t share the trick and did the one that worked on most of the phones. However, you can try out the trick of pressing the back and home key together to capture the screenshot.

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