How to Capture Screenshots in Rooted Android Phones

Rooting gets things done in a lot easier way. 3rd party applications, most of which are free ones, can be installed and used and the rooting enables the Superuser which allows to use a lot of applications which cannot work when the phone is unrooted. Of course the non-rooted phones too have many alternative apps, but many are paid ones and no one would opt for a paid app when a simple rooting can get the things done for free. Capturing screenshots is one of the basic requirements for any smartphone user or geek to show off their screens with friends and readers far from them. Do read our article on How to Capture Screenshots in Android Phones Without Rooting.

Here is a simple way on how to capture screenshots on Rooted Android Phones –

Open Android Market and search for the app named “ShootMe“. It is a free application, which would be an app created by Johan Cloetens. It would not just take screenshots but on high-end Android phones, it even can capture small videos. But as we said above, it supports only the rooted phones.

Install that app and open it, agree to the terms and conditions and the app starts working. Hide it, or make changes to the settings. It would capture screenshots when you either shake the phone, or shout (voice response), or block the light sensor – You need to set one of the options of the three.
You can even change the image format between jpeg or png to save the captured screenshots.

shootme agree terms shootme options

Once the settings are saved, try to capture a screenshot, and it would get saved in the SD card of yours, in a folder ShootMe which would be visible even in the Image gallery of the Android phones.

The most easiest and best option to capture the screenshots is by shaking the phone, taking the advantage of the accelerometer which responds pretty well than the voice response and manually blocking the light sensor present beside the front camera.

Here is a video demo of How to Capture Screenshots in Rooted Android Mobile Phones using the ShootMe application –


We have found with our commentators that the pressing of Back and Home key together helps in capturing the screenshots¬† but we could confirm that on only the HTC Evo, and the Samsung Galaxy S so didn’t share the trick and did the one that worked on most of the phones. However, you can try out the trick of pressing the back and home key together to capture the screenshot.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. inayat

    July 15, 2011 at 12:01 am

    yes this trick also works fine on galaxy mini s5570. (by pressing the back key and home key simultaniously )

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